Brazilian Derby – Sugar Pep Dun OMF and Gilson Diniz Filho win!

Gilson Diniz Filho took home the level 4 open derby and level 4 open classic derby championship at the Derby De Redeas, held March 26-28 in Espirito Sto Do Pinhal, SP, Brazil.

Sugar Pep Dun OMF

Sugar Pep Dun OMF

At the 2010 Brazilian Derby, Gilson “Gilsinho” Diniz Filho marked a 223.5 in the level 4 open derby finals aboard Sugar Pep Dun OMF (Country Dun It x Ami Pep)  a six-year-old buckskin stallion owned by his father, Gilson Diniz, to win the championship. In the middle of all the glamour of the show, the duo was highly applauded by the crowd. They were the favorites after marking a 218.5 to win the first go the day before. Riding another Country Dun It son for owner Renir Piva, Tensor Doc Dun (x Docs Cody HDN), Gilsinho also won the level 4 open classic derby by marking 225 in a tight run.

Tensor Doc Dun

Tensor Doc Dun

For the second place in the level 4 open derby there was a tie. The difference between the championship and second place was only a half-point, demonstrating the equilibrium and difficulty imposed by the riders. Eduardo Salgado, a three-time ANCR futurity champion, rode Smoking Chic (Gunner x Jameen Olena), owned by Jefferson Butti Abbud, and Gilson Diniz , Gilsinho’s father and very well reputed trainer in Brazil, rode his stallion Tuf Lil Skater (Lil Ruf Peppy x Kate Can Skate), to  share the reserve championship title.

Smoking Chic

Smoking Chic

Tuf Lil Skater
Tuf Lil Skater

Eduardo Christians and Hollywood Moonlight (No Question x Moonlight Filly), owned by Marcos Berti Cavalcanti, won the reserve championship in this year’s level 4 open classic derby with a 220.

Hollywood Moonlight

Hollywood Moonlight

The level 4 non pro championship title went to Jefferson Butti Abbud who is well-known in Brazil as a great Quarter Horse breeder and owner of Haras Sacramento farm. He rode his mare KC Mia Lil Wimpy (Wimpys Little Step x Mia Colonel Quixote) and marked 212.

KC Mia Lil Wimpy

KC Mia Lil Wimpy

Fernando Botteon won the reserve level 4 non pro derby championship aboard his mare Expert Roosters VSJ (Roosters Tru Luck x Lady Doc GDF) to a score of 211.

Expert Roosters VSJ

Expert Roosters VSJ

 In the level 4 non pro classic derby, the title went to Graziela Araujo, also a Quarter Horse breeder and a great admirer of the breed. Riding her stallion Question Jay (Mr Question Cody x Miss Little Jay), she marked 213.5.

Graziela Araujo

Graziela Araujo

Abelardo Mendes and Baikal Peppy GMS (Play Peppy GR x Versatil Day Pring) marked a 212 and earned the level 4 reserve non pro classic derby championship. Baikal Pep, also ridden by the trainer Paulo Koury Neto for owner Mendes, is qualified for the 2010 WEG.

Abelardo Mendes

Abelardo Mendes

The 2010 derby took place at Fazenda Barrinha arena, located in Espírito Santo do Pinhal city, São Paulo – Brazil, on March 26/28, local of memorable disputes for the ANCR – Associação Nacional do Cavalo de Rédeas – and for the lovers of this sport. The main arena featured horses between 4- and 5-years-old.

The schedule also included the classic derby, for horses 6-years-old and over, a Snaffle Bit division exclusively for horses born in 2006, and the second qualifying CRI for the 2010 WEG. This year, the event featured 110 riders competing for over $40,000 in payout and awards.

Brazilian judge and NRHA Professional from Purcell, Oklahoma, Thiago Boechat, commented that the level of the riders fighting for the prize was high. He also commented, “Reining in Brazil is on the right path for growing because the people involved are making constant investments. The breeders have invested in genetics, the trainers have been trying to improve themselves and the association has been improving the payouts and awards every year. That’s awesome! Everybody is very much engaged.”


 Open Division

1 – Sugar Pep Dun OMF – Gilson Diniz Filho – Gilson Diniz/Itapira, SP

2T – Smoking Chic – Eduardo Salgado – Jefferson Butti Abbud/São Paulo,SP

2T – Tuf Lil Skater – Gilson Diniz – Gilson Diniz/Itapira, SP

4 – Dox Starlight – Gilson Diniz – Armando Costa/Espírito Santo Pinhal,SP

5 – Madonna Cutter – Gilson Vendrame – Mario Caetano Neto/Uberaba, MG

Limited Open Division

1 – Guapo do Recanto Crioulo – Marcelo Anacleto – Darlei Hess/Barra Velha, SC

2 – Quebra Gelo Sta Angelica – Laercio Casalecchi – Eduardo Pupo/Pedreira, SP

2 – Tari Little Lena – Eduardo Christians – Eduardo Christians/Holambra, SP

4T – Gunfire – Marcos Horta – Ricardo Ulhoa/Brasilia, DF

4T – Angelinic – Fernando Salgado – Jefferson Butti Abbud/São Paulo, SP

Non Pro Division

1 – KC Mia Lil Wimpy – Jefferson Butti Abbud – Jefferson Butti Abbud/São Paulo, SP

2T – Expert Rooster VSJ – Fernando Botteon – Fernando Botteon/Birigui, SP

2T – Madonna Cutter – Mario Caetano Neto – Mario Caetano Neto/Uberaba, MG

4 – Son Sugar Patchbid – Luiz Claudio Paletta – Luiz Claudio Paletta/São Paulo, SP

5 – Sugar Pep Dun OMF – Giovanna Diniz – Gilson Diniz/Itapira, SP

Limited Non Pro Division

1 – Madonna Cutter – Mario Caetano Neto – Mario Caetano Neto/Uberaba, MG

2 – Sugar Pep Dun OMF – Giovanna Diniz – Gilson Diniz/Itapira, SP

3 – Favorito II Cerro Agudo – Fernanda Casalecchi – Laercio Casalecchi Filho/Espírito Santo do Pinhal/SP

4 – Powder Keys – Carlos Antonio Queiroz – Carlos Antonio Queiroz/Belo Horizonte,MG

5 – Golden Patch – José Mauricio P. de Campos – José Mauricio P. de Campos/Belo Horizonte,MG


Derby Classic

Open Division

1 – Tensor Doc Dun – Gilson Diniz Filho – Renir Piva/Brasília, DF

2 – Hollywood Moonlight – Eduardo Christians – Marcos Berti Cavalcanti/Porto Velho, RO

3 – Dry Dockie Wood – João Antonio Salgado Filho – Nailton de Araújo Santos/Vitória da Conquista, BA

4T – Turbo São Pedro – João Antonio Salgado Filho – Paulo Cavada/Pelotas, RS

4T – Emma Little Step – Gilson Diniz Filho – Francisco Quagliato/Itapira,SP

 Limited Open Division

1 – Hollywood Moonlight – Eduardo Christians – Marcos Berti Cavalcanti/Porto Velho, RO

2 – No Little Doc – Wagner G. Passos – Wellington Lustre/Cerquilho, SP  

3 – Star Candy It – Duse Maria Ometto – Duse Maria Ometto/Capivari, SP  

4 – No Me Digas do Infinito – Mauricio Ferreira Merch – Mauricio Ferreira Merch/Porto Alegre, RS

 Non Pro and Limited Non Pro Division

1 – Question Jay – Graziela Araújo Pereira- Graziela Araújo Pereira/Araçatuba, SP

2 – Baikal Pep – Abelardo Mendes – Abelardo Mendes/Belo Horizonte, MG

3 – Sage Mico Question – Marcos Guimarães – Pedro Paulo Guimarães/Botucatu, SP

4T – Bolero Gravatá – Evandro Levendosky – Evandro Levendosky/Pirassununga, SP

4T – Check The Door DAR – Carlos Antônio Queiroz – Carlos Antonio Queiroz/Belo Horizonte, MG

Snaffle Bit Open Division

1 – Silk Dun Doc – Gilson Diniz – Renir Piva/Brasília, DF

2T – Wind Question VS – Alvaro Gramisceli – Marcos Paixão Araújo/Belo Horizonte, MG

2T- Morango Doc – Daniel Martins Cruz – Davison Rabecchi/Jacareí, SP

4 – Boemia da Tamareira – Welington Teixeira – Onécio Prado Jr/Ribeirão Preto, SP

5 – Shelf Me Shine – Paulo Koury Neto – Roberto Biasi/Novo Horizonte, SP

Snaffle Bit Non Pro Division

1- Leochip Dunero – Graziela Araujo Pereira- Graziela Araújo Pereira/Araçatuba, SP

Open Rookie Division

1 – Opportune Tari HC – Marcelo B. da Silva – José Paulo Vallone/São Paulo,SP

2 Imperador Question – Bruno Gontijo Magalhães – Fernando Botteon/Birigui, SP

3 – Question Dry Doc – Bruna Moliani Gaspar – Carlos Eduardo Gaspar/Jaguariuna, SP

4 – Check The Door DAR – Margarida Cunha Brenck – Carlos Antonio Queiroz/Belo Horizonte, MG

5 – Winner Dun It – Delano Ulhoa Goulart – Delano Ulhoa Goulart/Belo Horizonte, MG

 Non Pro Rookie Division

1 – Freckles Spark – Marcelo Floriano – Carlos Eduardo Gaspar/Jaguariuna, SP

1 – Tensor Doc Dan – Mariana Piva – Renir Piva/Brasília, DF

3 – Emma Little Step – Orlando Quagliato – Francisco Quagliato/Itapira, SP

4T – Check The Door DAR – Margarida Cunha Brenck – Carlos Antonio Queiroz/Belo Horizonte, MG

4T – Topsail Dun It DAR – Bruna Moliani Gaspar – Carlos Eduardo Gaspar/Jaguariuna, SP


By Western Magazine – the official horse sport Brazilian magazine. They are the official ANCR magazine of the Brazilian National Reining Horse Association.

Article written by Luciana Omena and adapted by M. Freitas & Greg Campagna.

Photos Adílson Silva.

Results unofficial at time of posting.


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