NRHA Derby Photo Guidelines and Media Credentials

The 2013 National Reining Horse Association Derby Show comes to Oklahoma City June 22-29 and offers more than $650,000 in added money to 4-, 5- and 6-year-old reining horses.


For those of you making plans to attend the event and to develop news coverage for a news publication or equine organization, please note that you must submit a Credential Application to request official media, photographer, videographer or television credentials.


You may download the guidelines and media credential application on the Forms page of the NRHA Derby website (


Photo and Video Guidelines for All Attendees – You will notice the application includes photography guidelines for all event attendees. Those guidelines specify that the show’s official photographer and official videographer are the only parties allowed to provide others with competition photos or videos of horses at this event. Anyone providing photos to a third party – whether for free or for purchase – is in violation of NRHA’s policy. We appreciate your assistance in adhering to this policy. (Note: Point-and-shoot cameras may be used by anyone. Owners may take pictures of their horses at any time for their own personal use.)


For more information on the NRHA Derby, visit


Please feel free to contact Christa Morris if you have any questions about the guidelines or credential application process:
Christa Morris
Senior Director of Marketing
(405) 946-7400

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