FEI World Equestrian Games Individual Finals

By Simona Diale – Photos by Andrea Bonaga – Great horses, great riders, great horsemanship and an enthusiastic public are what made the Individual Reining Final Competition amazing at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 in Normandy tonight. Last to enter the arena, which counted some of the world’s best horses and riders, was NRHA 5 Million Dollar Rider, Shawn Flarida. Aboard Michelle Kimball’s Spooks Gotta Whiz, Shawn had posted the highest score – a 229.5 – in the individual qualifier, which put him last to go in the seeded finals.

The score to beat, once he burst in the pen, was Andrea Fappani’s, also of the US, who slid Custom Cash Advance, owned by Silver Spurs Equine, to a 229, one horse before him. “I knew that the pressure would be on tonight and I knew that Andrea would put me in a position to go out and beat him,” said the World Champion who wore the Team Gold medal two days ago and who closed his run with a 233.5. “This is such a great horse, with an incredible athletic ability. He’s got so much motivation, all I have to do is put him in the correct position technically and he’ll give you all he has. There really isn’t much to work on with him, he’s just great. He’s been good all week, he warmed up well and I knew I had the horse that could make me do this. It’s been a great evening and my hat goes off to my team mates, Fappani and Mandy McCutcheon.” For Flarida, this is the fifth FEI gold medal conquered at the Games: he was on the US Team gold and took the individual gold in Jerez de la Frontera in 2002, was on US Team Gold in Kentucky in 2010, and won the Team Gold here in the 2014 Games.

Native Italian Fappani, also part of Team USA Gold, settled for the Silver medal: “This is the fifth time that I actually show this horse,” he said. “I started with a 215 the first time I showed him and he just got better and better. Jordan (Larson) and Duane (Latimer) have shown him in the past and I give it up to them for the great job they did. I knew this horse would fit me and my program and tonight I was more confident with him. I trusted him and he gave me back all he had. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy and that the competition would be tough, but we did it and I’m thrilled.”

Mandy McCutcheon wrote a chapter of the FEI Reining history book tonight as being the first female individual medalist. Mandy was also on the Team USA, winners of the gold medal in Normandy. “It’s hard to put all I feel in words,” said the lady reiner who closed her performance aboard Yellow Jersey with a score of 227. “I couldn’t be happier, my horse stepped up for me tonight and when they do that, they are great horses. To be behind two such great athletes as Shawn and Andrea is just an amazing feeling . It is an honor for me and I couldn’t be luckier to have had the opportunities I’ve had in my career. My family has been the biggest support team of my life, and I once again thank them, just as I would like to thank all those that have been behind us in this incredible experience: the sponsors, our vet, our grooms.”

Summing up the competition was Team US Chèf d’Equipe, Jeff Petska: “We came here with a hope, which translated into reality: winning both the team gold and the three individual medals. We had the horses and the riders capable of doing this, but anything – as we saw tonight – can happen in a reining. I am very proud of all the athletes and would also like to thank everyone behind us.”

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2014 Alltech FEI WEG – The Second Individual Qualifying Competition

From www.normandy2014.com – By Simona Diale – Thursday 28 August 2014 – 17h45

The 15th though the 20th scores (plus ties) from the 1st Individual qualifier made their way in the Parc Expo arena today vying for a spot in the final Individual Competition which will be held on Saturday at 8 pm. The top five scores (plus ties) from today will also advance to the finals.

Troy Heikes and Lil Gun Dunit (By Andrea Bonaga)

Troy Heikes and Lil Gun Dunit (By Andrea Bonaga)

Draw 5, Cody Sapergia (CAN) riding Nu Chexomatic (Nu Chex To Cash x Tejons Texie Lena) owned by Jac Point Quarter Horses of Austria, set the bar after scoring a 219 and put the pressure on the rest of the contestants.  “Today my horse was much better than the first day and, even though there are still a couple of things we need to fix, I am confident he will do well in the final,” said Sapergia.

In a field of 23 and with only one competitor left to go, Troy Heikes, representing the USA on an individual level, walked in aboard Lil Gun Dunit (Colonels Lil Gun x Hollywood Baby Dunit).  With the 8-year-old stallion (owned by Denise Bixler and Steve Tarani) between the reins, Heikes was set on making it to the finals and closed his run with a 220. “In the 1st qualifier we had a problem in his right circles. He’s an honest, really good horse, so there must be something bothering him there but I tried not to concentrate on that today. Though he felt really good, we did have a 1 point lead penalty. After that I knew that we had to earn it back and he gave me all he had. I will now have to work more on those right circles and look forward to the finals!” With Troy’s winning run today, the USA now has all their athletes back riding for the individual FEI medals.

All the competitors rode hard in order to earn a spot in the finals, providing the spectators with a great show.  The third highest score in today’s competition was posted by Josh Collins (GBR) riding his Spook A Little (Smart Spook x Jessie Wright On).  “Being able to represent my country here has been my dream and my goal since the beginning of the year,” said the 24-year-old non professional rider. “My horse was amazing for me today and I am very proud of being in the individual finals.”

Stefano Ferri of Italy, riding Rooster Nic (Gallo Del Gicelo x Sanjos Pistolett), owned by Eleonora Malerba, scored a 217.  “I’ve only had this horse in training since the beginning of the year and we still have to get to know each other, but today I was very happy with him,” said Stefano about the horse who – with Pier Luigi Fabbri in the saddle – took home the Silver medal for Italy in the past FEI European Senior Reining Championship in Augsburg, Germany.

Along with Sapergia, Heikes, Collins and Ferri, the following will also make their way to the individual finals: Romuald Poard (FRA) riding Peppys Ruf Sailor, Paolo Koury Neto (BRA) riding Don’t Whiz WRB and Laércio Casalecchi Filho (BRA) riding He’s A Question QR.

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NRHA Creates Professionals Membership

The National Reining Horse Association will debut a new membership category to begin in 2015. The NRHA Professionals membership will be for individuals who are ineligible for non pro status and wish to show in NRHA open competition.

The change was recommended by the NRHA Professionals Committee with the goal of implementing activities to strengthen their segment of the industry. A majority of the new membership fee will go toward doing just that!

From Shane Brown, NRHA Professionals Committee Chair:

“I’m excited to bring to fruition these new benefits of the NRHA Professional Membership. The value of being an NRHA Professional will continue to grow over the next several years, and we will look for more new ideas to help reining trainers be more successful.”

“The committee will be working with staff on these additions and unveiling them in stages. The NRHA Professionals Membership will be a great step forward in helping our reining industry grow.”

NEW BENEFITS – Professionals Membership

NRHA Professionals will receive a host of benefits starting in 2015. Those benefits will include:

  • Encourage industry growth by connecting NRHA Professionals in a worldwide system
  • Create ongoing educational programs to include subjects such as promotional strategies for your business, financial planning, communication tools, equine health topics, stable management, insurance, taxes for horse owners, etc.
  • Create a mentoring program to facilitate communication between established and new trainers
  • Expand the NRHA Professionals webpage to include more detailed information about each trainer to assist with promoting your business and growing your client base
  • Provide reining and NRHA “on-boarding” materials to give to potential clients
  • Organize an NRHA Professionals Forum to foster mentoring and interaction between trainers
  • Expansion of NRHA Top 20 Professionals awards and Professionals of the Year awards

To learn more about NRHA Professionals, contact:

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Reining: Team USA wins the Gold!

End of Part 1 & 2 of Competition

Reining:  Team USA wins the Gold!
© PSV Photos
Reining:  Team USA wins the Gold!

When NRHA’s only 2 Million Dollar lady rider, Mandy McCutcheon, rode in the Parc Expo arena this morning, Team USA was leading the competition rankings after Andrea Fappani had obtained the top score (224) and Jordan Larson the third best (221) in the first day of competition on Monday. 

Mandy slid Yellow Jersey, a 10-year-old Quarter Horse stallion by Wimpys Little Step and out of Ms Clara Melody (owned by father Tim McQuay), to a score of 224 and brought the total to a 669.  The last rider representing the USA, Shawn Flarida, riding Michel Kimball’s Spooks Gotta Whiz (Spooks Gotta Gun x Prettywhizprettydoes), was draw 75 this afternoon.

Spooks Gotta Whiz and Shawn Flarida at the NRHA Derby

Spooks Gotta Whiz and Shawn Flarida at the NRHA Derby

The only NRHA 5 Million Dollar Rider performed pattern n.6 to perfection and after his performance, a 229.5 appeared on the scoreboard bringing Team USA’s total to a 677.5.  The United States of America thus conquered their fourth consecutive WEG team Gold medal! “This is an awesome horse and I’ve been so fortunate to have been able to ride him for the last three years. I trust him a lot and I know that he is very talented so I was afraid to be the one to make a mistake.  The crowd here was wonderful and being able to show in front of such an enthusiastic audience was just great,” said Flarida.  “My team mates couldn’t have been any better and I am once again proud to be able to represent my country with such a great group of horsemen.”

Team Belgium claims the Silver medal

Team Belgium saw NRHA professional Cira Baeck ride Colonels Shining Gun, owned by Katarzyna Roleska, to a 221. The talented pair were second to go this morning:  “We started off really well today then I made a little couple of little mistakes, so I am not super happy, but I did my best,” said Cira following her pattern. “Four years ago we won the silver medal in Kentucky it would be very nice if
we could bring home the second one.”

And so they did!  NRHA Million Dollar Rider Bernard Fonck, aboard past NRHA Open World Champion Sail On Top Whizard (Whizard Jac x Miss N Sis), owned by Danny Cerato, closed his run with a 219.5 and Belgium held the second highest total score, a 663.  Ann Poels Fonck, riding Nic Ricochet, and Piet Mesdagh, riding RS Spat Man O War, had scored a 221 and a 216.5 respectively on the first day of competition. Once again, great ‘little’ Belgium conquered their second FEI Team Silver medal.

The Bronze medal is for Team Austria

Who the bronze medal would go to was determined after the third to last combination showed today and that was  Alex Ripper (GER) riding Awesome Paleboy. Possible contenders for the podium were infact Team Australia (653), Team Germany (646.5) and Team Austria (644.5).  Thanks to Martin Muehlstaetter’s score of 224, aboard Wimpys Little Buddy, Austria slid to the third step of the podium and conquered the bronze medal. Martin is based in the US and qualified for the 2014 Games last year in Europe and in the States.  “My horse was pretty good today! We purchased him from Andrea Fappani (who trained him) as a 4-year-old. He’s always been with us and always will be,” said the Austrian rider about his 10-year-old gelding by Wimpys Little Step and out of All That’s Dun (owned by Kim & Martin Muehlstaetter).” Winning this medal here today is awesome.” Austrian team members were Rudi Kronsteiner and Dr Lee Hook (221), Tina Kuenstner-Mantl and Cashn Rooster (214.5) and Markus Morawitz with Dun It Whiz Gerry (210).

Once the curtain fell, Team Germany took fourth place honors in the overall standings.

The Individual Competition

Reining competition in the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Normandy will be once again on the stage on Thursday when the 2ND Individual Competition qualifier will take place.  The first 15 riders plus ties after the 1st individual competition are qualified for the Individual final which will be held on Saturday.

The following 20 riders plus ties may compete in the 2nd qualifier.  The top 5 scores plus ties will also advance to the Individual final.

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Team USA Take the Lead on First Competition Day

Part 1 Complete Results – Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy – Reining

From the NRHA Reiner – By Simona Diale

The Reining team competition and first individual qualifying round of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy took place today in the Parc des Expositions in Caen. Piet Metsdagh (BEL) riding RS Spat Man O War was first in the arena. The pair closed their run with a score of 216.5, which remained unbeaten until, 12 horses later, Andrea Fappani (USA) closed his pattern with a 224.

Riding Custom Cash Advance, an eight-year-old stallion quarter horse by Custom Crome and out of Cash In Roan owned by Silver Spurs Equine, Fappani thrilled the crowd and his score held until the end of the first part of the individual competition.

“This horse has been shown very successfully in the past by other professionals but I’ve only competed with him twice before coming to the Games and today I tried to do my best,” the native Italian, who now represents the USA, said. “I was careful in the spots I wasn’t confident about. I had tried to qualify for team US in 2010 and didn’t make it by one point. I was pretty disappointed at the time so I am thrilled to be here today,” he pointed out.

The second horse-rider combination for team USA, Jordan Larson and HF Mobster (Colonels Smoking Gun x Dun Its Black Gold), owned by Heritage Farms, closed their pattern number six with a 221. “I’m pretty happy with our run today,” Larson, who has been showing this horse since 2011, commented.

Team USA is currently leading on a score of 445. Fappani and his mount lead the first individual qualifier rankings and Larson lies in third place.

The Belgium-USA battle is on

After 41 horse-and-rider combinations had performed, Ann Poels-Fonck representing Belgium aboard Nic Ricochet (Ricochet Rooster x Minnie Nic), scored the second highest mark of the day, 222.5.

“I’m really happy with my score and my horse’s performance today,” she said. “This was not the horse I was supposed to ride here originally. Last week I was lucky enough to have its owner, Manuel Bonzano of Italy, offer to let me ride it. It has been successfully shown by Manuel in non pro competitions in the past and was wonderful for me today. I must admit the crowd was also fantastic!”

The total score for Team Belgium, including Poels and Mestadgh’s performances, is 439. This puts them in second place behind the USA.

Team Germany are third with 436.5 points thanks to Ludwig Grisha’s performance aboard Ruf Tuf Juice (Little Ruf Peppy x Smart Like Juice). Riding the horse owned by Fabien Strebel, Grisha earned a score of 218.5 and is also tied for third place in the individual standings with Australian Martin Larcombe who rode Wimpys Cute Tune (Wimpys Little Step x Gwyneth), owned by XCS Ranch LLC.

Team Australia closed with a total of 435 thanks to the performance of Shaun Saunders who slid Sparkin Tinsel (Tinsel Nic x Setting Off Sparks), owned by Corinna Schumacher, to a score of 217.

The detailed results after today’s competition are available here:

Team results

Individual results

The second part of the Reining team competition, which features 16 nations, and the first individual qualifier will take place tomorrow at 8.45 CEST. At the end of the day, the first prestigious FEI medals of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy will be awarded.

Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014

The Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy (FRA) on 23 August-7 September brings together 967 athletes and 1,113 horses from 74 nations for 15 days of world-class competition in Jumping, Dressage and Para-Equestrian Dressage, Eventing, Driving, Endurance, Vaulting and Reining.

For more information see: www.normandy2014.com

The National Reining Horse Association is not responsible for information contained in this posting. Please contact the author or submitting organization for further information, requests, or questions.

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Day 1 – 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games

Part 1 / Session 1 – USA/Belgium showdown is on!

From the outset of the reining competition this morning, the United States and Belgium confirmed their status as the two countries to beat.
USA/Belgium showdown is on!

© PSV Photos

Andrea Fappani made a big splash at the Exhibition Center. The US rider, who is originally from Italy, put his adopted land in a strong position in the team competition with a top preliminary score of 224 points. Riding Custom Cash Advance, the Californian by adoption finished ahead of Belgium’s Ann Poels on Nic Ricochet, who performed an excellent pattern that scored 222.5 points. Suffice it to say that the Belgian-American duel is well underway.

The results were not as good for the first French rider in today’s competition, the experienced Gregory Legrand. Despite the enthusiastic crowd support, the reiner had to settle for a score of 189 points. He and his horse made several mistakes while performing the circles and the sliding stop. ”Given the level of competition, I fear the competition is over for me. We’re going to support Anne-Sophie Guerreiro, who is competing this afternoon”, Legrand said.

Top 3 (provisional):

  1. Andrea Fappani (USA) & Custom Cash Advance – 224 pts
  2. Ann Poels (BEL) & Nic Ricochet – 222 pts
  3. Gilson Vieira Diniz Filho (BRA) & Steppin Off Sparks – 218,5 pts

Team competition

  1. Belgium 439 pts (2 out of 4 riders)
  2. Mexico 417 pts (2 out of 4 riders)
  3. United States 224 pts (1 out of 4 riders)

Click here to follow the results in real time.


Part 2 / Session 3 – Reining: At half time Mandy McCutcheon equals Fappani’s top score for Team USA

The second part of the Reining Team Competition and 1st Individual Qualifier of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 in Normandy offered great runs this morning.  At half time, with 20 horse-rider combinations left to go, Team USA is leading the rankings with a total score of 669 followed by Team Belgium with a total of 660. Both squads have seen three of their riders go and anticipation runs high as the last contestants wait for their turn in the Parc Expo arena.

Reining:  At half time Mandy McCutcheon equals Fappani’s top score for Team USA

© PSV Photos

Performing for Team USA this morning was NRHA’s only 2 Million Dollar lady rider, Mandy McCutcheon.  The 38-year-old non professional rider slid Yellow Jersey, a 10-year-old Quarter Horse stallion by Wimpys Little Step and out of Ms Clara Melody, to a score of 224.  Yesterday, in the first part of the Team Competition, Andrea Fappani (US) had posted the same score and now the two lead the individual ranking after 62 combinations have made their way to the prestigious show arena.

“It’s an honor to be here at this venue to represent my country. To have the opportunity of riding a horse like Yellow Jersey is just unreal, I am truly blessed,” said McCutcheon following her performance.  “I just tried really hard to focus on what I had to do and how to get him through the run the best I could.  It’s all a matter of being focused because if you let all that this event represents get in your way, you could panic! In my first maneuver I was a little abrupt so I thought to myself, ‘trust him and believe he’s going to do his thing’ and he did.  He’s just an amazing show horse!”

The FEI reining team competition medals will be determined this afternoon.  Draw 65, representing Belgium, will be NRHA Million Dollar Rider Bernard Fonck with past NRHA Open World Champion, Sail On Top Whizard (owned by Danny Cerato), between the reins.  The last team member for the US will be NRHA’s only 5 Million Dollar Rider, Shawn Flarida.  Shawn will be riding Spooks Gotta Whiz, owned by Michel Kimball.

Possible contenders for the podium are Team Australia (653), Team Germany (646.5) and Team Austria (644.5), but, as the saying goes: “it’s never over ‘til it’s over”!

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About SmartPak
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The National Reining Horse Association is not responsible for information contained in this posting. Please contact the author or submitting organization for further information, requests, or questions.


Contact: Emily Joyce, 774-773-1414 or EJoyce@SmartPak.com

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Austrian Futurity & NRHA Show Results

2014 Austrian RHA Futurity & NRHA Show once more a huge success!
More than $100,000 Prize Money

Provided by the Austrian Reining Horse Association/Ramona Billing - The eighth edition of the Austrian RHA Futurity & NRHA Show in Wiener Neustadt was once more a huge success. 207 horses and top riders from Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Hungary, The Netherlands, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, showed brilliant rides both in the Futurity and the Ancillary classes. This attracted hundreds of reining fans as well as visitors from the region to the beautiful facility of Helmut Schulz, which offered excellent conditions for high class reining. For two days, a TV team accompanied the riders. Also international print and internet media covered the event as well.

With more than $100,000 prize money, the Austrian RHA Futurity & NRHA Show was one of Europe’s premier reining events again and the first of the “big” futurities. Also there were numerable other valuable prizes including the Champion Saddles, the Champion Buckles as well as Show halters. Each of the Futurity finalists received his halter. Helmut Schulz and his team had prepared various things to make participants and owners feel at home at once. There were Welcome Packages with the Futurity vine from to vinemaker Fischer, a bathing towel with Futurity imprint, Futurity caps as well as a 3M sponsor package. On Thursday, H&D Schulz invited to their Futurity Party with an excellent Buffet, where the Futurity Finalist halters were awarded. And there was the Country Night on Friday night as well as the new Bar besides the main terrace with the picture board of the sponsors. Also, the daily show magazine “The Score” (The Friday edition had 24 pages!) was highly appreciated by all the participants.

Open Final L4 3-year-old horses: Rudi Kronsteiner claims third AustrianRHA Futurity Championship Open
The Open Futurity Level 4 of the 3-year-old horses was won by Magnum It (Magnum Chic Dream x Dun It The Hard Way) and NRHA Million Dollar Rider Rudi Kronsteiner (Austria) who scored a 223.5. The AQHA gelding bred by Charlotte Decoster and owned by Dr. Daniela Ratschew, had already dominated the go round. It was the third AustrianRHA Futurity Champion title for multiple NRHA World Champion Open Rudi Kronsteiner, who also rode Chex out My Banjo (Banjo Whiz x MRS Chexinic, owner Dorothee Hess-Leitmeier) on 6th place in the final.

ARC Snap Chic (Yellow Jersey x Arc Think Chic) and Gennaro Lendi became Reserve Champion Level 4 scoring a 220. The horse was bred by Arcese QH and is owned by Paola Arcese.

Tarysmart and Fabiano Cestari dominated Levels 1, 2 and 3
Tarysmart and Fabiano Cestari also won the Level 1 and 2 final scoring a 220. Tarysmart was bred by Giuditta Foti and is owned by the Tarysmart Syndicate.  26-year-old Fabiano Cestari, who is from close to Milano, is training in Sinzing, Bavaria. His achievements include the 2010 ICCA Championship Open and Int. Open.

Reserve Champion L2 was Star Whiz It (Star Spangled Whiz x Hollywood Betsy Cody) with Stefano Cerutti, in L1 Skeet Rock (Skeets Dun x Barbie Nic Chex) with Peter Pichler.

Nicola Cordioli and Playboy Snapple win Open Futurity L3 and 4, 4-year-old horses

There was no surprise in the 4-year-old Open final as well – those who had dominated the go rounds, also made it in the final. The winner Level 3 and 4 was Nicola Cordioli aboard Playboy Snapple (Mr Snapple x ARC Snappers Calgirl). The stallion bred by Roberto Cuoghi and owned by Giulia Amolaro, scored a 225.5. Cordioli, who is one of Italy‘ best trainers, rode the horse into the NRHA  European Futurity final.

Grischa Ludwig and Lil Smokeing Gun (Smart Chic Olena x Playguns Smokin) became Reserve Champion Level 4 scoring a 223,5. The two had taken the lead after the go round. Lil Smokeing Gun was bred by Jim Babcock and is owned by de Bruin Reininghorses. Walla Walla Glitter  (Walla Walla Whiz x Ms Majestic Spar,  owner Edith Hochmair ) and Johannes Hasenauer placed second in Level 3 scoring a 224.

Saturday Whiz under Giovanni Masi De Vargas and Walla Walla Glitter under Johannes Hasenauer Co-Champions Open Futurity L 2, year-old, Jupiter of Sun and Alessandro Roasio win L1
In the Open Futurity Final Levels 1 and 2, it got very close among the top horses.  There was a tie on first place with a score of 219.5, and anothertie on third place among three riders who had achieved a 219.  The first placed Giovanni Masi De Vargas and Johannes Hasenauer decided against a run off and shared the title. So, the Futurity Level 2 Co-Champions were Saturday Whiz (Saturday Night Custom x Anjolena Whiz) with Giovanni Masi De Vargas (Italy) and Walla Walla Glitter (Walla Walla Whiz x Ms Majestic Spar) with Johannes Hasenauer (Austria).  Saturday Whiz is owned by ASD Little Ranch and was bred by Franco Mari.  Walla Walla Glitter was bred by Giovanni Lugara and is owned by Edith Hochmaier.

Jupiter of Sun (Wimpys Little Step x Flirtin A Little , owner and breeder Franco Rosso) with Alessandro Roasio, VQH Foxy Cat (A Catty Delta x Foxy Pepto, owner. Rosario Ponzo, breeder 6-J Paint Horses) with Giovanni Masi de Vargas and Ruf Little Chex (Lil Ruf Trouble x Nu Dynamite Chex, breeder Roger Weibel, owner Ferruccio Bucci)  and Andrea Manucci tied for third place.

This was also the Level 1 Championship for Jupiter Of Sun and Alessandro Roasio, with Show Me My Cash (Bueno Cash Quixote x AR Boneta Jacson Sun, Breeder Sjojan Nemanic, owner Mojca Hrzenjak) and Gal Grahelj following on second place (218.5)

ER Baby Jane Surprise and Andrea Iannetta win Non Pro Futurity Level 3 and 4 of the 3-year-old horses

In an exciting final, ER Baby Jane Surprise  (One Gun x Surprise Moonlite) and Andrea Iannetta (Italy) claimed the Non Pro Futurity Championship Level 2 and 4 of the 3-year-old horses. The two had already been in the lead after the go round together with KD Gotasparklingwhiz  (Walla Walla Whiz x Parkin Crome) under Kelly Deelen (The Netherlands) Iannetta scored a 216, Kelly Deelen placed second scoring a 215.5.

Andrea Iannetta won  2011 Silver at the FEI European Championship Young Riders and claimed the Non Pro Trophy at the 2013 AustrianRHA Futurity. His 3-year-old Paint mare ER Baby Jane Surprise was bred by Elisabetta Raviola.

Kelly Deelen already was NRHA European Futurity Non Pro Champion Level 1 to 3 and NRHA European Affiliate Reserve Champion. She bred her AQHA stallion KD Gotasparklingwhiz herself.

Non Pro Futurity Champion Level 1, 3-year-old horses: Victoria Gun and Rudolf Maurer
The Non Pro Futurity Final Level 1 of the 3-year-old horses ended with a tie on first place between Victoria Gun (Gatling Gun x LJ As Orderd) with Rudolf Maurer (Austria) in the saddle and Last Docky Oak (Stylishlite x Surprise Doc Topsail) with Mattia Camisi (Italy) who both scored a 213. In the following run off, Victoria Gun scored a 213 winning the title. The Paint Horse mare was bred by Laura Welsch. Mattia Camisi and his Last Docky Oak became Reserve scoring a 205. Whizberry Pie (Topsail Whiz x Smokes Berry Sweet) and Miriam Leinweber placed third scoring a 212. The AQHA mare was bred by Quest Reiners LLC.

Non Pro Futurity Champion L3 and L4, 4-year-old horses: What A QT Whiz and Katja Jungfer
What A QT Whiz and his breeder and owner Katja Jungfer (Germany) had already been leading after the go round. Their great performance in the final with a score of 222 resulted in the AustrianRHA Futurity Championship Non Pro Levels 4 and 3 with the 4-year-old horses. The stallion was the first foal of Katja Jungfer‘s stallion Dunit On The QT, whose achievements include the NRHA Breeders Futurity Championship. His dam Im A Classy Whiz‘ NRHA LTE exceed $ 50,000. With her, Katja won the IRHA Derby Non Pro L1 and 2 and the NRHA Roleski Int. Non Pro Derby. What A QT Whiz has got an impressive show record himself. With his trainer Rudi Kronsteiner, the stallion was 2013 AustrianRHA Futurity Open third, Americana Open Futurity Champion and NRHA Breeders Futurity Open Reserve Champion (after a run off).

Shine N Whiz and Sandra Friesenbiller became Reserve Futurity Champion L3 and 4 scoring a 219.5. The stallion by Topsail Whiz out of Sandra’s great broodmare Spark N Pretty was 2013 Austrian Futurity Champion Level 3 and 4 Non Pro, NRHA Breeders Futurity and NRHA European Futurity Finalist.

Co-Champions Non Pro Futurity Level 1, 4-year-old horses:

Pepper Dry Sun under Martina Paiocchi and Miss Ciot O Broadway under Gianluca Liotti

Non Pro Futurity Final Level 1 of the 4-year-old horses ended with a tie on first place between Pepper Dry Sun (TRR Royal Sun O Lena x IC Paule Slide Dry)  under Martina Paiocchi (Italy) and Miss Ciot O Broadway (Broadway Jaba x Ciotolena) under Gianluca Liotti (Italy). Each of them had scored a 215.5. They decided against a run off and shared the Championship. Pepper Dry Sun was bred by Chiara Polli. Miss Ciot O Broadway, who was bred by Antonio Pedron, was fifth at the IRHA Futurity Level 1 Open with Tommaso Beltramini.

Docs Gotta Spook (Spooks Gotta Gun x Jag On Doc) and Nadja Hammer placed third scoring a 214. The Paint gelding which was bred by Karen J Highfield was 2013 Austrian Futurity Non Pro Reserve Champion with Dr. Daniela Ratschew.

Ladies‘ Power: Ann Fonck claims Open Trophy, Tina Kunstner-Mantl Non Pro
The renowned Bronze Trophies of the AustrianRHA Futurity remained with two of Europe’s best Lady Reiners. The Open was won by Ann Fonck from Belgium aboard Rosanne Sternberg‘s Ebony Spook (Smart Spook x Ebony Whiz) who set this year’s Austrian Futurity’s record score as well: 227.5. The 6-year-old AQHA mare was 2013 AustrianRHA Futurity Finalist with Cody Sapergia and Polish Futurity Champion with Rudi Kronsteiner in the saddle. Ann Fonck won the Open at the 23 Winter Classic with her.

Dennis Schulz and Laredo Whiz (Topsail Whiz x Genuine Starbright) placed second scoring a 225. The stallion who is owned by Saad El Din Hadj-Abdou, is a multiple Bronze Trophy Champion and was part oft he Austrian team at the 2010 WEG.

The Non Pro was claimed by Tina Kunstner-Mantl (Austria) aboard her Cash N Rooster (Gallo Del Cielo x Booming Cash). The 6-year-old gelding with whom Tina already was Co-Champion Non Pro at the SVAG Classic, scored a 222.5. Julia Gaupmann and Cody Rooster Delmaso (Ricochet Rooster x Made of Lacy) placed second (218).

Altogether, this 8th AustrianRHA Futurity & NRHA Show was a true festival of reining with high class performance and a strong international team of judges. This show is a very special one – especially because of its atmosphere where visitors feel at home at once. This is partly a result of the beautiful facility, but mostly due to the excellent show team of Gerda Langer.   Here customer service is of utmost priority. A big thank you to the show team!

The National Reining Horse Association is not responsible for information contained in this posting. Please contact the author or submitting organization for further information, requests, or questions.


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Summary of Approved 2015 NRHA Rule Changes

Updated Aug. 19, 2014 – The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) reviewed all 2015 rule change proposals submitted to the body earlier this year. The board considered long-term administrative, global and fiduciary impact, in addition to member feedback provided via its website, direct contact and letters from the membership.

The following is a summary of action taken on these proposals. More detailed information on each item will be published in the Members Only section of nrha.com.

APPROVED – Rule Changes
• 74-02-15:

  • Part 1. Change the AA and A events to 90 days for event approval
  • Part 2. Move rules to a chart. Change added money caps on Rookie Professional and Rookie Level 2. Eliminate added money caps in Novice Horse Level 1 and Novice Horse Level 2
  • Part 5. Can hold two go-rounds in an ancillary show
  • Part 6. Eliminate the restriction that show management must hold both the Level 4 Open and Level 4 Non Pro classes at an Aged Show
  • Part 9 and 10. Combine Ride & Slide Level 1 and 2 show conditions
  • Part 12. Remove mandatory awards through tenth for Youth classes

• 59-01-15: Approve Professionals Membership category

• 60-01-15: A Non Pro is defined as a person who, at the time of application, has not won in excess of $200,000 in Category 1, 2 and 6 in open reining competition and…

• 62-01-15: Change the definition of immediate family member

• 62-03-15: Remove after-market logoed apparel or equipment

• 66-02-15: Change fine and forfeiture process for Youth showing in the Rookie 1 and Rookie 2 classes

• 74-01-15: Add Top Ten Event description that requires event approval forms to be submitted 90 days prior to the entry closing of the event and a three horse minimum in a class for it to count toward a world title

• 80-01-15: Add Prime Time Non Pro added money requirements

• 86-01-15: Change the name of Adaptive Reining to Para-Reining

• 91-01-15: Define what is considered complete relating to show results

• 105-01-15: Remove restrictions for hiring stewards, remove redundant rules and remove the rule that keeps a steward from stewarding the same show for more than two years in a row

RELATED ACTION – Proposal 54-10-15
• Amend the Animal Welfare & Medications Policy (Excluding European Events – Pol. 11-07-27) to continue the research phase through 2015 and create a task force to review NRHA medications rules and policies. This does not impact European events.

• The NRHA European Animal Welfare & Medications Policy, implemented January 2012, will remain with no changes for Europe.

APPROVED – Clarifications
• 43-01-15: Procedural change for contacting the accused during a investigation

• 73-01-15: Rule clarification allowing horses to be shown in Green Reiner I and Green Reiner II without restriction of ownership

• 74-02-15: Eliminate redundancies and increase ease of understanding in Show Conditions

• 93-01-15: Clarification outlining ownership for Year End Awards, the owner is the owner on record at the end NRHA competition year

• 149-01-15: Create consistency between the Handbook and Judges guide on the maneuver description for the trot in

Complete information on rule change voting will be posted at a later date on the Members Only section of nrha.com and in the NRHA Reiner magazine.

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Definite Entries Being Confirmed for Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™

FEI PRESS RELEASE – Lausanne (SUI), 15 August 2014 – Definite entries for the five disciplines of Dressage, Para-Dressage, Reining, Endurance and Eventing, which take place over the first week of competition at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy, have now been finalised.

The number of entries is exceptionally high and breaks the previous participation records. Dressage, Endurance, and Reining have all increased from the record numbers set for these disciplines at the FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2006 in Aachen (GER), while Para-Dressage and Eventing have gone up from their previous high at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2010 in Lexington, KY (USA).

The breakdown by discipline is as follows (click the name of the discipline to view the complete list):

  • Total NFs: 25
  • NFs with teams: 16
  • NFs with individuals only: 9
  • 89 combinations
  • Previous record: 68 participants from 21 countries (Aachen, 2006)


  • Total National Federations (NFs): 31
  • NFs with teams: 25
  • NFs with individuals only: 6
  • 103 combinations
  • Previous record: 89 combinations from 33 countries (Aachen, 2006)


  • Total NFs: 33
  • NFs with teams: 19
  • NFs with individuals only: 14
  • 100 combinations
  • Previous record: 60 combinations from 16 countries (Lexington, KY, 2010 – this was the first time that Para-Dressage appeared on the FEI World Equestrian Games™ programme)


  • Total NFs: 28
  • NFs with teams: 16
  • NFs with individuals only: 12
  • 97 combinations
  • Previous record: 80 combinations from 24 countries (Lexington, KY, 2010)


  • Total NFs: 47
  • NFs with teams: 33
  • NFs with individuals only: 14
  • 173 athletes, 198 horses
  • Previous record: 159 participants from 42 nations (Aachen, 2006)

The deadline for the definite entries in the three disciplines, which run during the second week of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy – Jumping, Driving, and Vaulting – is 21 August.

The new FEI Athlete Biographies page now has a special filter which only shows the athletes named in the definite entries for Dressage, Para-Dressage, Eventing, Endurance, and Reining. It will be updated on 22 August to include the athletes named in the definite entries for the three remaining disciplines.

Media Contacts:
Grania Willis, Director Press Relations, grania.willis@fei.org, +41 78 750 61 42
Malina Gueorguiev, Manager Media Relations, malina.gueorguiev@fei.org, +41 78 750 61 33

The National Reining Horse Association is not responsible for information contained in this posting. Please contact the author or submitting organization for further information, requests, or questions.

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