A Strong Foundation

Use these tips to help build and support healthy hooves, which are a major factor in keeping your horse sound for training and the show pen.

Article by Katie Navarra

Reining horses are expected to perform high-impact maneuvers on a regular basis. From sliding stops to spins, rollbacks and circles, their 1,000-pound bodies put a lot of strain on their hooves during routine training and showing.

Good hoof care starts with awareness and observation.

“In my program, we abide by a motto, ‘No hoof, no horse,'” said Tioga, Texas-based NRHA Professional Bud Lyon. “Every day when we get the horses out of the stall, we take stock of what the feet look like. We make sure to pick up every hoof and clean them out every day.”

Time constraints, busy schedules and a high volume of horses can sometimes make it easy to skip this simple practice; however, examining and cleaning hooves daily is the first step to supporting healthy hooves. It is always easier to prevent a problem than to correct one.

“We take a multi pronged approached through a balanced nutrition program that supports hoof health,” Lyon explained of his program. “That includes good hay, good-quality grain and Platinum Performance supplements – some that are geared toward hoof health and others that promote overall good health.”

Beyond the basics of horse husbandry, products like supplements, conditioners and hardeners can support strong, healthy hooves. Here are some tis from the experts on how to choose products that promote healthy feet for your horse.

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