Interline ticket and baggage arrangements provide the passenger with a seamless travel experience. In particular, Morgantown passengers who purchase tickets on a travel website or can book a flight from Morgantown in a single transaction that flies around Pittsburgh or Baltimore and continues to Alaska Airlines destinations on the West Coast without having to claim and re-register their baggage at PIT or BWI. Exception 2: Between June 1 and August 31, checked baggage must be presented and processed at least sixty (60) minutes prior to departure for customers leaving King Salmon and Dillingham. The mileage plan refers to Alaska Airlines` frequent flyer program as described in IATA Inter-Carriage Agreement on Passenger Liability means the agreement reached by the members of the International Air Transport Association (“IATA”) on 31 September. October 1995 to take measures to derogate from the limitation of recoverable damages under Article 22, paragraph 1, of the Warsaw Convention in respect of claims for death, personal injury or other bodily injury suffered by a passenger within the meaning of Article 17 of the Convention. Ticket means the registration of the Agreement, including electronic tickets or “electronic tickets”, for the carriage of passengers by air provided by Alaska under certain conditions for the Passenger named on the Ticket and in accordance with applicable tariffs and regulations and this Contract of Carriage. An “e-ticket” is the record of the ticket agreement that is stored and processed in the electronic reservation system of Alaska or another airline. The ticket purchaser will receive a receipt containing an alphanumeric reference number to retrieve the check-in in the alaska or other airline reservation system and a summary of the ticket information. Alaska or another airline may require the issuance of an e-ticket, regardless of the market, airline, payment method, or type of customer.

The Ticket constitutes proof of the Passenger`s contract of carriage with the Carrier. On flights operated by Alaska`s codeshare partners, additional requirements may apply to passenger and baggage check-in. These requirements can be found in the codeshare partners` transport contracts available on those airlines` websites. Southern Airways, the morgantown municipal airport airline, has introduced a new interline ticket and baggage agreement with Alaska Airlines at its Pittsburgh and Baltimore hubs. Alaska Airlines routes to and from Morgantown are now available on and major travel booking sites. Codeshare Partner means an airline other than Alaska or one of our regional partners operating a flight on which Alaska has placed its airline code “AS” or whose airline code is displayed on flights operated by Alaska or one of our regional partners. Guidelines and information on the transport of live animals (or tier fares) on flights operated by a codeshare partner can be found on the codeshare partner`s website, including their contract of carriage. On October 12, the Warsaw Convention was the name given to the Warsaw Convention. Conventions signed at Warsaw in October 1929 for the unification of certain provisions relating to international carriage by air or, as the case may be, of this Convention as amended, including, but not limited to, the Protocol signed at The Hague on 28 September 1955. Exception 1: In the following cities, checked baggage must have been presented, checked in and processed at least forty-five (45) minutes prior to departure.

. As used in this Contract of Carriage, the following terms, whether capitalized or not, have the meaning assigned below: Selected Carrier means the Carrier whose Baggage Policy applies to the entire Interline Itinerary. Exception: Some sports equipment can be accepted above free standard weight or size dimensions without incurring any overweight or oversizing fees. For more information, see the Sports Equipment section below. Hand baggage means hand luggage that, due to its size and nature, requires the purchase of a seat on board the aircraft to carry the baggage. . Exception 3: Passengers whose entire ticket and itinerary is located entirely within the State of Alaska. Exception 2: Fees for active U.S. military passengers or military recruits Passengers (with an active duty U.B military id card) and members of active U.S. military passengers or military recruit passengers (with an active duty U.S.

military ID card and travel orders). Baggage tag means a document issued by the carrier solely to identify checked baggage, the part of which is attached by the carrier to a specific element of checked baggage. Service animal means a dog, regardless of breed or type, that is individually trained to perform work or perform tasks for the benefit of a qualified person with a disability, including a visual, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual or other intellectual disability. Animal species other than dogs, emotional support animals, comfort animals, service animals and service animals in training are not service animals. Exception: Active Services U.S. Military Passengers and Military Recruits Passengers and their dependents who are eligible for an exemption from U.S. military baggage fees may check in baggage weighing 70 pounds or less without incurring any overweight fees. Bags weighing 71 to 100 pounds must meet the standard overweight fee mentioned above.

Exception 4: Car seats, baby carrier backpacks, strollers and aids can be checked in without a baggage service fee. Passengers departing Honolulu, Kona, Maui and Lihue are allowed to check a pineapple box free of charge on domestic routes. The box must be checked by the U.S. Department of Agriculture prior to registration. Qualified Person with a Disability means a person with a disability who has a physical or mental impairment that significantly or permanently restricts, has such impairment, or is considered to be such a disability, as further defined in the U.S. Department of Transportation regulations in 14 C.F.R. Section 382.3 and who (1) as a Passenger (hereinafter referred to as “Disabled Passenger”) (a) with respect to obtaining a Ticket for carriage by air from a Carrier or attempting in good faith to offer, purchase or otherwise obtain a valid Ticket; (b) with respect to obtaining air transportation or other services or accommodation required by the United States. . . .