The SCV is granted based on certain health and character requirements and allows New Zealanders to live, study and work indefinitely in Australia. But technically, it`s a temporary visa. If you are not sure whether you meet our requirements for good character, you should apply for a visa before coming to New Zealand. In the 2016/17 budget, the Australian government said it was negotiating with the New Zealand government to amend the elements of the current international social security agreement. These amendments should take into account the changes made to the national legislation of both countries since the entry into force of the Agreement in 2002. Temporary Australian residents are not entitled to this visa. You can apply for a residence visa every time you arrive in New Zealand, but your New Zealand residency is not considered continuous. If the Australian authorities consider that a New Zealander does not meet the relevant character requirements, they may cancel all visas (including visa 444 and permanent residence visas). 3) I am a New Zealand citizen and not my partner. What visas can my partner apply for? Prior to 1 September 1994, Australia generally treated New Zealanders as exempt non-citizens. Since 1 September 1994, Australia has been subject to a general visa requirement.

[16] In order to specifically address the continued free movement of New Zealanders to Australia, the special category visa was also introduced on 1 September 1994 by the Migration Regulations 1994. It is known as the 444 subclass visa. Under the 1994 rules, New Zealand nationals entering Australia are treated as if they had applied for a temporary entry visa, issued automatically (subject to health and character considerations) and registered electronically. Unlike other nationals, it is not necessary to obtain a visa before arrival. And unlike other temporary visas, this special visa – known as the Special Category Visa (SCV) subclass 444 – has no time limit for New Zealand citizens. A date stamp in their passport on arrival is everything New Zealand citizens would keep in mind when entering Australia. There is no date stamp for ePassport holders who use SmartGate. [16] 4) If I am a citizen of another country (not New Zealand), which visa can I apply for? It is not necessary to have a return ticket when you arrive in Australia. However, Australian border officials must be satisfied that visitors, holiday makers and temporary residents intend to leave Australia before their visa expires. .

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