Mr. Chaiwala stresses that he does not promote any wrongdoing with his websites. His religion allows a man to have up to four women as long as they agree. Humari sub hi partnerships ya toh fail ho jaati hain yah humari rishtedaarian tor kar rak deti hain, kion keh hum log sahi paperwork aur likai nahi karteh. Mr Chaiwala explains: “Users are constable of each other and each image is checked to be indecent. We don`t allow division. “A man wants to marry honorably with several partners, he wants to share his love and resources – why do you have a problem with that? At the beginning of the video, you say, a person from Lahore, who is currently in Saudi Arabia, asked you for advice on where to invest his capital to preserve his savings. You answered him. Don`t invest in land. If we think so with a logical mind, how can a person in Saudi Arabia manage the sale of bricks in Pakistan, which requires a lot of hard work, labor trade, brick warehouses, the sale of credits and the cashing of money? Pakistan has a tendency to sell bulk loans. 💰 Corner Base: Buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin Bigamy is illegal in the UK and carries a prison sentence of up to seven years, but Mr Chaiwala insists that his service is to promote loyalty and prevent women from loneliness. Family values: Mr.

Chaiwala, 33, said his dating sites promote loyalty and discourage women from feeling lonely. The East Midlands businessman intends to use to find two other partners, but admits his Leicester wife has doubts. Controversy: Azad Chaiwala, 33, is leading the way behind SecondWife.come and We disagree with Mr. Azad Chaiwala. After hearing all your video, we felt like you didn`t have knowledge of real estate. REDBOX Estate welcomes you to provide free professional advice to help you learn more about real estate. At the end of the day, we mean that 90% of millionaires become like that by owning real estate. Real estate brought in more money than all industrial investments combined.

The wise young man or today`s employee invests his money in real estate. Andrew Carnegie, a Scottish businessman with a fortune of $475 million, said before his death in 1919, when time was not yet there, and today we live every day in a developing world. The brick sector carries many risks and there is no security. You can expect a loss, even if you haven`t provided a suitable storage environment for bricks, and if you own a brick oven, you can`t play safely because it`s not football where you can cover your knees. It requires knowing how to create bricks when they do not understand or now have experience. Your business can result in losses. 💰 Bluewhale Foundation ICO: 💰 Dorado ICO: `Polygamy is still a taboo. How many have the courage to say “I want to participate”? The modern version of the search for a second woman is disrespectful to women, and it does not use Islamic teaching fairly. This ends with a degraded relationship between the husband and the first wife. “Islam limits the number of wives, whereas in other religions there are no borders.