Bright Futures for NRHyA Members

Three collegiate riders who’ve participated in NRHyA offer their advice for choosing a college.

A lot goes into choosing a college, especially if you want to compete for an equestrian team—from deciding on a major to finding a city you enjoy to selecting a team you’d like to ride for. Having plenty of options can make the decision even more stressful! Take these tips from current and past NRHyA members about how they chose their collegiate homes to help make your decision—or to help you guide a young rider you know through the process.

Grace Wilson, Past NRHyA Vice President 

Grace Wilson

School: I chose Delaware State University because it had an aviation degree option I was interested in and a growing equestrian team. 

Advice: Don’t be afraid to talk to the coaches and some upper and lower classmen on the teams you’re interested in. Explore your options, get a campus tour, and see the barn and facilities. Remember, you’ll be spending a lot of time at both. Try to get a feel for what the daily routines are for athletes on the team.

Courtney Blumer, NRHyA Member

Courtney Blumer

School: I chose the University of Georgia because I felt welcomed with open arms by the older girls on the team. From the moment I stepped foot in Athens, it felt like home. I adore every horse, staff member, and teammate at UGA, because they all inspire me to become a better version of myself. 

Advice: Soak up these last few months of living with your family. You’re going to miss them. Go where your heart draws you and don’t second-guess it. College can seem so overwhelming at the beginning, but give it time and learn from all of the new faces around you.

Dani Latimer, NRHyA Member

Dani Latimer

School: When I visited Southern Methodist University, I immediately felt a sense of comfort, challenge, and excitement because I knew SMU was where I wanted to be.

Advice: When it comes to looking at universities, you want to feel at home while on the visit! Take your time to get to know the coaches, team members, and advisors who create opportunities for you. Explore your options, and think about the future you’d like to have, because that university is where the accomplishments happen. 

Delegate Spotlight 

Kinsey Cooper

“Being an NRHyA Delegate has been an extremely beneficial experience for me. I’ve had the opportunity to connect with other youth reiners across the country, as well as learn about and have a part in the association that I love so much. Being a delegate has given me a greater sense of purpose in NRHyA, and I’m grateful for the opportunity!” 

—Kinsey Cooper, 2020 NRHyA Delegate, Southeast Region