Don’t Stop Riding!

COVID-19 might require social distancing, but that shouldn’t keep you from reaching your reining goals. Get back in the saddle with these useful resources.

By Jennifer Paulson, Reiner Editorial Consultant

This “new normal” has brought to light innovative ways to keep yourself (and your horse) on track so you’re ready to go show as soon as the dangers of public gatherings subside. (Photo by Kaycie Timm)

This whole COVID-19/social distancing situation has put a real damper on the springtime show scene. With events canceled and postponed for the foreseeable future, it’s easy to get down in the dumps and feel unsure about your ability to reach your goals. 

It’s OK to wallow in that for a minute or two, but then it’s time to—literally—get back on the horse.

This “new normal” we find ourselves in has brought to light innovative ways to challenge yourself, learn new training techniques, and keep yourself on track so you’re ready to go show as soon as the dangers of public gatherings subside. Yes, some of these require you to be able to ride, and that might not be an option if you board your horses full time. We’re aware that some NRHA Professionals have closed their gates for the time being, and that can be tough at a time when all you want to do is lope a few large, fast circles to take your mind off the news of the day. 

No matter your horse situation, the key to getting through this is being adaptable and recognizing opportunities, even when they aren’t exactly what you’d usually look for.

Here’s a start to the list of ways to keep you on target, save some sanity, and even help your community. We’ll update this post as we find more offerings and create new posts to keep you up-to-date on what’s out there. If you see resources we should share, please send them to

TXHP and Tell Edgmon Performance Horses Virtual Reining Show

The deadline for this fun event is fast-approaching, so you’ll want to check it out ASAP. NRHA Professional Tell Edgmon is facilitating a virtual reining where you submit a video of your run (pattern designated by class) to be judged. Each class winner will designate a local restaurant to receive 100% of the entry fees for that class. Prizes are awarded for each class through fifth place. Click the link for full details. Entries close March 30, so don’t delay!

New Reiner Magazine Website

The new site just launched and features all articles from each monthly Reiner magazine, including training tips, mindset advice, fitness insights, and more. Browse the articles currently available and watch for more to come in the near future.

Western Workouts

You hear from fitness expert and reiner Kelly Altschwager bimonthly in the Reiner, but you can have even more access to her fitness programs via her Facebook page

Andrea Fappani’s FREE Tech Tips

NRHA Four Million Dollar Rider Andrea Fappani is offering his tech tip videos for free! Click here, sign up for Vimeo, enter the promo code FREETECHTIPS, and you’ll have instant access to his training insights.

Confident Rider

Jane Pike has helped top competitors get their minds razor-sharp for competition, and she helps reiners every other month in the Reiner magazine. You can find more of her confidence-building work on her Facebook page where she posts links to her podcast episodes and videos.

In Our Tracks Podcast

Get inspired by stories from members representing every part of the reining industry. You’ll find new episodes each month wherever you download podcasts or at the link here.

Horse&Rider OnDemand

NRHA Professional Bud Lyon is a featured contributor to this online subscription-based program. Bud delves into reining maneuvers, tack, horse care, and problem-solving. They offer a seven-day free trial to start. 

Check back often for new offerings, and let us know how you’re coping and working toward your goals via email or Facebook messenger.