Exciting Innovation From Quarter Dream

NRHA Corporate Partner Quarter Dream is developing an innovative way for NRHA Professionals to showcase their 3-year-olds.

We covered a few of the innovative ways reiners can keep their competitive edge during this time of physical distancing and cancelation of shows. Here’s another fresh way NRHA Professionals can use video to keep working toward their goals.

NRHA Corporate Partner Quarter Dream, producer of The Reining Channel, is developing a way for NRHA Professionals to showcase their 3-year-olds in training. They’ll soon offer a method to upload videos of young reining horses running a special pattern to be evaluated by an NRHA Judge. While the evaluations are only for pros, anyone can watch—and learn from—this offering.

“As a breeder and owner, I’d like to see the prospects and how they’re coming along in a professional manner,” said Pietro Marseglia, owner of Quarter Dream. “Trainers will show their horses on an easy pattern that can be part of their training session and be evaluated on their progress. This will only be for open riders at this time.”

We’ll keep you posted on the developments of this exciting innovation!