Green Reiner – Danica Caravetta

We caught up with green reiner success story, Danica Caravetta, to learn more about her experience with our premier entry-level program.

Photos courtesy of Danica Caravetta

How did you first get started riding?

I’ve been riding since I was 5 and started competing in AQHA shows at the age of 7. I’ve always loved horse! I first saw reining when I went to watch my friend, Careena Laney, compete at Reining by the Bay and fell in love with it.

When did you start competing in green reiner?

I started competing in the green as grass in 2016 with my horse Walter (Mister Big Gun) who, at the time, was just 4. The next 2 years were a big learning curve for us both. We grew together every show. Come 2019, we really came into our own. A big goal for that year was to at least win the Classic Equine jacket for pointing out of Green Reiner I. We started the year with only 30 green reiner points, and by the end we had 375. We won the jacket and the buckle, swept both green reiner divisions at Reining by the Bay and won the Green Reiner II year end saddle for all the Brumley shows. 2019 was a special year for Walter and I, a year I’ll never forget! I appreciate this program for giving us the stepping stones we needed.

Why is the green reiner program important to you?

The green reiner program was important to me because it gave me something to work towards by earning points. The green reiner division gives you a place to feel safe and build confidence. My advice for anybody who wants to enter would be to work hard and never give up. And to set small goals to achieve along the way.

For the month of March, we’re highlighting our Classic Equine Green Reiner Program! Stay tuned for more program highlights like this one all month long. And to learn more about green reiner, click here.