Hair Goals

Article by Kristin Pitzer

It takes time and elbow grease, but these tips can help make your horse’s mane and tail the envy of reiners everywhere.

A reiner with a mane flowing to his knees walks into the show pen, his equally luxurious tail streaming out behind him. The crowd gasps; all eyes turn toward him. His crimped hair catches the breeze as he performs his spins and circles, adding drama to his run.

Longer manes and tails don’t score more points on the judges’ cards, but there’s something to be said about them and arena presence. When well cared for, even shorter manes and tails can have a big effect.

All that hair takes maintenance – translation: a lot of time and work – but for many reiners, the wow factor it garners is well worth the labor.

Get grooming tips to get a long and luscious mane and tail on your reiner by clicking here or flipping to page 102 in your September 2020 Reiner.