1.3. The interim agreement is a service contract on the basis of which FS4Trading binds to the customer against the payment of a commission to act as an intermediary in the conclusion of a contract between the customer and a third party. 1.4. The contract is the contract for the sale or sale of an object contract between the customer and a third party. 3.2. Unless agreed otherwise, the interim agreement covers only the following services: (a) advice on the possibility of entering into a contract; b. the organisation of contract negotiations; c. active promotion of the contract; d. the registration of agreements between the customer and the third party; E. Support for the usual procedure in relation to the conclusion of the sale/sale contract. 1.1. FS4Trading is the intermediary headquartered in (2651 BC) Berkel in Rodenrijs, Netherlands, registered in the Chamber of Commerce`s trade register under the record number 64810402. 7.1.

FS4Trading is authorized to enter into agreements with third parties on behalf of and on behalf of the customer on the work that must be done to ensure the smooth running of the contract for the benefit of the customer (such as transport, import or export). 4.1. The client is required to provide FS4Trading with all the information, documents and data necessary for the proper execution of brokerage services. The customer guarantees the accuracy of this information, documents and data. 3.4. FS4Trading acts as an intermediary only for the customer. Third parties cannot deduct rights from the interim agreement or from activities carried out by FS4Trading in this context. 10.2. The customer or persons and businesses related to the customer may not have a competitive business relationship with the third party during or after the end of the interim agreement. Competitive business relationships are defined as: any form of contact (by telephone, in writing or electronically) between the customer and the third party, which may lead to or be to the direct delivery of goods by the customer to that third party, or the direct delivery of goods by that third party to the customer, without the participation or authorization of FS4Trading, to the extent that these objects are similar or comparable to the object or objects for which FS4Trading acted as an intermediary. 6.1.

The customer must pay fs4Trading the agreed commission as soon as a contract is concluded. FS4Trading may also collect commissions if, for any reason, which is not attributable to FS4Trading, the contract is not implemented. 8.3. Responsibility for indirect damages, such as loss of revenue or loss, is excluded. 8.4. FS4Trading`s liability is limited, in all cases, to the direct damage suffered by the customer up to that of FS4Trading in relation to the object to which the damage relates, with a maximum of 5000 euros ,– per year. 1.2. The client is the legal person or individual with whom FS4Trading enters into an intermediation agreement. 3.1.

FS4Trading acts as an intermediary between the customer and a potential seller or buyer of a person. FS4Trading is authorized to enter into agreements with third parties on behalf of and on behalf of the customer if FS4Trading has received an oral, written or electronic warrant. FS4Trading will never be a party to a contract and does not enter into any contract in its own name. 6.2. If the customer revokes the interim agreement before the contract is concluded without this being attributable to FS4Trading, FS4Trading may demand payment of the fees already incurred by FS4Trading. If a contract is entered into after termination, FS4Trading is entitled to the full amount of the commission. 2.1. These Terms and Conditions apply to all FS4Trading agreements, offers, offers and other (legal) deeds. The applicability of the customer`s terms and conditions is expressly excluded.