Montana Silversmiths Gives Back

Montana Silversmiths, the Official Silversmiths of NRHA, stepped up to help the community face COVID-19. 

Montana Silversmiths has applied their 3D modeling technology to manufacture 3D printed masks for healthcare workers and first responders.

Montana Silversmiths finds inspiration in people across the country making sacrifices, both large and small, by helping others during the COVID-19 pandemic. With local communities facing many challenges in this critical time in our nation’s history, Montana Silversmiths realized that all efforts to lend a hand must start in their own backyard. 

Montana Silversmiths has long been a leader in the Western industry, but now we’re partnering with those in the healthcare industry to provide a vital need by 3D-printed masks. The inspiration for this new endeavor came from Dr. Dusty Richardson, a Montana neurosurgeon at the Billings Clinic. His story, and the response from others in the community, allowed Montana Silversmiths to launch this production effort. Read more about this initiative online at

Montana Silversmiths already employs 3D modeling when designing jewelry and buckles, and now we’re applying this technology to manufacture 3D-printed masks. By utilizing our knowledge base, advanced tools, skilled operators, and vendor relationships, we’ve been able to partner with local businesses to create the masks. As a part of the Columbus, Montana, community for 48 years, local partners, including Yellowstone Academy at the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch, the Billings Clinic, and the Sibanye-Stillwater Mine, have shown their support by helping with funding, assisting with logistics, and sourcing materials for this effort by Montana Silversmiths. This is truly a community project, reaching into neighboring counties and statewide. 

It was an honor for Montana Silversmiths to provide more than 100 masks to first responders just weeks after the onset of COVID-19 in the United States. This was our way of offering a genuine thank-you to for our first responders, healthcare workers, and all those who serve on the front lines during this critical period. Through ingenuity and cooperation, caring people have banded together to do what it takes to make a difference. 

Printed using a 3D design, the Montana Mask is a highly effective filtration mask that can be sanitized and reused.

For Montana Silversmiths, there’s no greater honor than creating buckles, spurs, and other awards for hard-working reiners. However, it’s been incredibly humbling to observe medical personnel and first responders receiving their personal 3D-printed masks. That first look as they hold the masks in their hands is often the same expression we’ve witnessed on the faces of many champions being awarded a Montana Silversmiths buckle. Both moments are intense and awe-inspiring, and we’re honored to make a positive impact in the lives of the incredible people receiving what we’ve produced.  

Montana Silversmiths invites other partners to stand with us and carry on the faith, ideals, and traditions of working alongside your neighbor for a better future. Montana Silversmiths is proud to be the Brand of Champions and the Official Silversmiths of NRHA. Our hats are off to every champion, in and out of the arena.