NRHA’s Loss: Becky Hanson

NRHA Professional Becky Hanson passed away on Monday, May 25, 2020.

NRHA Professional Becky Hanson
NRHA Professional Becky Hanson, of Clements, California, influenced the lives of non pros and professionals alike. She passed away over Memorial Day weekend.

NRHA Professional Becky Hanson’s husband, David, and children, Caden and Lauren, along with her NRHA family and countless other friends and connections, are feeling a loss as we start this last week of May. On Monday, Becky passed away.

“To my best friend…I love you forever,” began David, also an NRHA Professional, in a tribute to his wife on Facebook. “To the love of my life…I could not have been blessed with another to have shared so many fond memories and life-changing experiences. We live on with your spirit in our hearts, and it is your everlasting soul that provides strength for so many. Caden and Lauren are our best representatives of the promising future that you always aspired to and we all strive for—thank you. Becky, I love you always.” 

Becky was an NRHA member for 16 years. As an NRHA Professional, she coached numerous non pros and influenced their experiences with their horses in a hugely positive manner. On top of that, she was so highly respected by her peers that earlier this year, the NRHA Professional Horsewoman of the Year award was renamed in Becky’s honor. Abby Mixon earned the 2019 award and crossed paths with Becky as a young reiner. Read more about that here.

If you’re at all active in the reining community, your feed is undoubtedly flooded with an outpouring of love for Becky and her family. Here are just a handful of the tributes to Becky from her NRHA family.

Lori Riis: RIP Becky David Hanson. You touched many of us more than you will ever know.

Janet Weyrick Heckman: This warrior, this woman of God gained her wings today. She fought the good fight with an amazing spirit and let us in on her journey with her amazing words and thoughts. She made us laugh and cry and pray hard for her fight with cancer. Rest easy Becky David Hanson.

Kari Klingenberg: My friend Becky. This world will be a little bit less bright without you here. You were made of so many things, too many to mention. You were beautiful, tough, gritty, tenacious, fearless, soft, loving, charismatic, artistic and beyond generous. You stood up for what was right, you never stopped and you fought. You fought the hardest fight. I guess there were things for you to accomplish and to do and to see…things much brighter that couldn’t be offered here on Earth. I hope you know how much of a difference you have made and how much beauty you brought to this world. I will miss you, until we meet again. God speed my friend.

Rebecca Asmussen: I’ve struggled all day to find the words, but yet they all feel so inadequate. Becky David Hanson, you were an absolutely amazing, inspiring, beautiful soul that will be so deeply missed, but most certainly never forgotten. Sending so much love to the Hanson family tonight.

Renee Balow: You fought with grit and grace. You were blessed with the gift of putting pen to paper. Your candid writings through your fight with cancer made me laugh, made me cry, made me cuss the injustice of it all. But through your writings you made me a better person, a better mom, a better friend. God speed Becky David Hanson. You have been an inspiration to so many and will be missed by every life you touched.

Katie Anne Holt: I’m feeling beyond grateful that my walls are filled with Becky David Hanson’s photography, and my heart will always hold a huge place for her, David, and the kids. It’s so cool to see so many people love them the way I do and far more. Rest peacefully, Becky! 

Ted Butler: There are some people I never talk about much, but think about them and pray for them almost daily. When I moved to California to train horses and didn’t know anyone, I would listen to the trainers coaching their non pros and Becky’s voice, advice, words of encouragement are still with me today and always will be! She helped and encouraged more people than anyone will ever know! Much love to you and your family Becky David Hanson.

Laura Vaughn: RIP. Becky David Hanson brought me into the world of reining. I am so thankful for the friendship and good times we shared at horse shows and weekly lessons at the ranch. Becky took my profile photo of me and Jax at Reining By the Bay in Woodside, California—a photo I have always cherished. The horse shows will not be the same without you.

Becky’s NRHA family sends condolences and blessings to all whose lives Becky touched.