NRHyA: Varsity Reining Club Highlights

Check out these pieces from NRHyA members who are participating in Varsity Reining Club, and learn how to submit your work. 

palomino horse with bald face

“This is a picture I took the day I brought ‘Mayo’ home. I had gotten a new lens the day before, and this was the perfect opportunity to try it out. The sunset was so beautiful that evening that I was able to get a gorgeous backlit shot!”—Kylie Baker

The First Show of the Year

By Brooke Banks

We had to get up early because I was first draw in the first class of the morning. I was very nervous for this class because it was the pattern that my horse and I always struggle with. I warmed up in practice pen, and for some reason there were a ton of bugs. (I am sure I ate about 100 of them.) My horse was feeling the best he has ever felt. We joked around for a little while before I had to go in and show, which pretty much took all my nerves away. The pattern started with a run-in. My horse did not stop great, which made me nervous, but he quickly came back and spun very well. I loped off into my circles hoping it would go well and hit my slowdown. I was excited going into my slide as I felt it was my chance to see what I could do. I ran down to my slides feeling confident. My horse listened to me through the whole thing, and we came out with a 69.5. I ended up winning my class and couldn’t have been happier. I had one more class that day, and it was Green as Grass. Everything was normal, and I trotted to the center of the arena. I waited for them to say my name, and while I was standing there it felt as if time was going so slow. My horse started to get nervous and did not want to stand still. After we started, my horse was very good and we came out of the pen with a 69. I won first again and high point for the show. I could not have been happier with my horse, and I can’t wait to keep riding and showing my horse.

drawing of Lion King characters

“I did a drawing/sketch of my three favorite Lion King characters: Timon, Pumba, and Simba. To make this, I used a mechanical pencil and my sketchbook. I believe this artwork is special because the Lion King is my mom’s favorite Disney movie and has been since she was little. She even has a collection of Lion King stuff from when it first came out.” —Madison Wigen

Serving the Community

By Gracie Mae Stingle

The Krazy 4 Clovers 4-H club baked and provided cupcakes, cookies, and more for the Ronald McDonald House. Staying at the Ronald McDonald House can get expensive, so this allows them to enjoy dessert without spending any extra money. This is important to the families at the Ronald McDonald House because their kids are in the hospital for long periods of time, and they need money to help them recover or even to fight for their lives. We hope this little gift lifts up their spirits while they’re going through tough times.

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NRHyA Buy-A-Pro 

Shelley Rosenberger and Matt Mills
Shelley Rosenberger won a lesson with Matt Mills through the NRHyA Buy-A-Pro action. (Photo courtesy of Shelley Rosenberger)

NRHyA is thankful for the generosity of all those who purchased Buy-A-Pro lesson packages and the NRHA Professionals who donated their time to this program. Thanks to their contributions, we raised $15,640, with 15% of that total benefitting NRHA Affiliates. If you participated in the auction, we’d love to hear about your experience! Share your story (and a photo, if you have one) with us at

“What an amazing experience for a great cause! A special ‘thank you’ to Matt Mills for his generosity. The Buy-A-Pro Auction was a fun way to support our NRHyA members and a memorable day for this non pro!” 

Shelley Rosenberger, Buy-A-Pro Participant 

Meet a Delegate

My name is Laci Huntsinger, and I’m beyond excited to be a 2020 NRHyA Delegate from the Northwest Region. This year, I look forward to working with our NRHyA officers and other delegates to share information throughout my region. I can’t wait to be involved in awards banquets and other events held at NRHA shows. My goal this year is to make a difference in NRHyA and our sport of reining, and also help educate others so one day they can be delegates, too!

NRHyA delegate Laci Huntsinger
2020 NRHyA Delegate Laci Huntsinger. (Photo courtesy of Laci Huntsinger)

NRHyA Contests and Scholarships at the 2020 NRHA Derby Presented by Markel

Planning to attend the NRHA Derby presented by Markel? Take advantage of opportunities to win scholarships and prizes!

Art and Photo Contest: Enter your work in photography, artwork, or graphic artwork categories. Each contest offers 13 & Under and 14–18 age groups. Three places will be awarded in each age division and category, and winners will receive subscriptions to the Reiner, VRC points, NRHyA swag, and more. Winning entries from each category will be displayed at The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City.