On-Site Ambulance

A special trailer made by Kyle Zanetti Trailers is on hand at the 2020 NRHA Derby presented by Markel for any horse in need.

By Jennifer Paulson

The Kyle Zanetti ambulatory trailer gives exhibitors peace of mind that their horses can be safely transported for a medical emergency, if needed. Photo by Lindsay King

Outside the Jim Norick Arena on Oklahoma City’s State Fair Park sits a fully equipped ambulatory vehicle, poised to come to the rescue should there be an injury or emergency that requires swift, safe transport to the hospital.

If you’re picturing a run-of-the-mill ambulance, you’d be surprised to learn this rescue equipment is for the horses at the 2020 NRHA Derby presented by Markel.

Thanks to NRHA Corporate Partner and Trailer Sponsor Kyle Zanetti Trailers, should there be a need for an emergency response for any of the event’s horses on the grounds, owners and exhibitors have access to safe transport or even care on site, if needed.

“I built the trailer six years ago,” Kyle Zanetti shared. “It’s a real ambulance trailer that’s meant to be used—it’s not just for show. Horses can get hurt, and we want people to feel comfortable and know that if something happens, there’s a way to safely transport horses or to work on them on site.”

The trailer is equipped with a Becker Equine sling system to suspend a horse inside the trailer, an Anderson sled system, winches, a full vet box with refrigeration, and an Air Ride suspension for ultimate comfort for the horse.

“The trailer is fully equipped to do emergency surgery,” Zanetti said. “It’s not a surgery room, but it’s to the point that a vet could work on a horse in there if needed.”

The interior of the trailer is fully equipped with a sling, sled, winches, and refrigerated vet box to cover all the possible needs in the case of an emergency.

Zanetti tapped his influential connections in the horse industry when designing the ambulance trailer, including NRHA Million Dollar Rider Casey Deary and NCHA Four Million Dollar Rider Lindy Burch, as well as veterinarians at prestigious clinics around Zanetti’s hometown of Weatherford, Texas.

“Casey is so big with the reiners, and Lindy is with the cutters,” Zanetti noted. “Their ideas helped develop this trailer, and I’ve already spoken with them about how to improve the next one we build.”

Zanetti grew up in the trailer industry and is a lifelong horseman. His variety of interests make him an advocate for the horse industry as a whole—not just one sport.

“I care about the entire industry,” said the former bulldogger. “Racehorses, jumpers and hunters, reining horses, cutting and cow horses—I want to be known as someone who cares about the entire industry. Our trailers are built to show our commitment to helping all horses.” 

You’ll see the Zanetti ambulance trailer at the NRHA Derby presented by Markel and the 2020 NRHA Futurity. Zanetti looks forward to taking the trailer to other events to show his support of the horses and riders who make up this industry.