People Behind the Partnership – Kyle Marshall

For NRHA Gold Sponsor Kyle Tack, the NRHA Futurity is as much about reconnecting with friends as it is about doing business. Kyle Tack Saddles will be awarded to Adequan® NAAC Open and Intermediate Open winners. Kyle Tack also presents Bob’s Custom Saddles, a brand for which they are a dealer, to winners in 10 other NAAC classes.   

The NRHA Media department had a chance to sit down with Marshall Kyle, of Whitesboro, Texas, here at the Futurity to ask him about what it’s like to be involved as a vendor and sponsor.

How did you first become involved in reining?  

“I was involved for a long time on the rodeo side, but my brother Pete is in the reining industry and he got me started in the tack business. I started going to the shows and driving all the trainers crazy because I was trying to learn about this industry. I wanted to learn about what they were trying to accomplish and what kind of gear they used so I’d know what to carry.”

How long has Kyle Tack been attending the NRHA Futurity?  

“I believe it’s been 21 years now.”

Favorite Futurity memory?  

“The finals is such a big deal and is so thrilling. My favorite memory is just visiting with all the different people, especially whenever everybody world-wide gets to come here. I like to see all the different nationalities and how people from different countries do things. I enjoy the people as much as I do anything.”

How long have you been involved as an NRHA sponsor?  

“Probably 10 years. I always want to give back to the sport. I believe everybody that makes a living off this industry needs to always give back. When I started this business, we began sponsoring some affiliate shows, local shows, then whenever I started coming to the Futurity I told NRHA we’d start and work our way up.” 

What does it mean to you to get to have this Futurity in light of so many cancellations earlier in 2020?  

“It’s tremendous for the whole industry, but I think it’s important for people’s mindset too. In my opinion there’s nothing better than to be around livestock of any kind to help the mind. The world’s so upside down this year and everybody’s worried about everything so just to come watch these great horses, these great athletes work, it just kind of makes everyone at peace.”

What else would you like people to know about Kyle Tack?  

“We’re just a family-owned, family-based operation. I was born and raised on a ranch in New Mexico, raised around horses and cattle. My brother Pete has been in the horse show business since he was 19 years old. We’re here to take care of the customer. We want to sell a good, quality product for a reasonable price. We make the majority of the products we sell ourselves so we can cut the middleman out and help save some money for everybody. It’s a big family for us. I come to visit with the people as much as I do to sell. One of these days, if I retire, I’m still going to come around just to be with the people. There’s other things that make a lot more money than this, but it’s the people and the family atmosphere that I like.”