Posture for a Better Rider

Article by Kelly Altschwager, with Alexis Bennett

When it comes to showing, the details matter. Untidy tack and a disheveled appearance tell the judges you don’t care. When you put so much attention into every other part of your ride, the last aspect you want to neglect is your arena presence and feel.

Photo by Nichole Chirico

Poor posture does just that — it keeps you from performing your best because you look slouched and sloppy, and you can’t quite nail your cues. A quarter spin too much and you incur a 1-point penalty per judge. Miss the timing on your cue and stutter into a sliding stop, and your maneuver score suffers.

To read about why it matters, where it comes from, and how to fix it, click here or flip to page 42 in your August 2020 Reiner magazine.