“This agreement is long overdue,” said Deb Zawada-Wiebe, vice-president of the PSBU negotiating unit. “We represent members who are all working hard to contribute to the success of our institutions across the province.” – Professional Services Bargaining Unit guarantees the provisional ratification agreement Voting meetings are scheduled for early January 2020. Details of the agreement will not be made public until the ratification process has been completed. The Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology will conduct a market study within 90 days of the agreement being ratified. The criteria and principles of the studies will be defined by judicious consultations between the parties and the study will serve as the basis for the next round of negotiations. Voting on the presidential office will begin on October 29 at 9 a.m. and end on November 4 at 10 p.m. An electronic ballot is sent to each member`s Saskpolytech email address. Since no candidate received a majority of the votes cast, a second round of voting is required for campus vice-president Moose Jaw. The two front-winners for the Moose Jaw Campus VP will appear on an eBallot. The eBallot will be sent Tuesday at 9:00 a.m., November 24, to the Saskpolytech email address of moose Jaw campus members. EVoting remains open until Thursday at 4 p.m., November 26.

The results of the second round will be announced to members by email on Friday, November 27. Campus parking is expected to be back in effect by January 1, 2011. All parking fees charged to staff up to the time of ratification must be refunded. The Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology must provide employees with a one-time lump sum payment of $420 per employee, which is considered a full-time employee, in exchange for the union`s agreement to remove all political complaints and complaints about unfair labour practices regarding the parking issue. The Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology is committed to creating a personal flex expense account that provides the opportunity to obtain professional development expenses on the basis of zero net cost to the employer. The Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology, the Government of Saskatchewan and the General Workers Union agree that costs must be determined by mutual agreement and on the basis of current actual occupational development expenditures. Contributions are subject to percentage pay increases that are applied in the current collective agreement. The parties agree to meet within 10 days of ratification to discuss implementation issues. A 36-month renewal contract, which came into effect from July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2012, was concluded in January 2012 during the conciliation phase. Negotiation duration – 34 months.

All current procurement grants to address recruitment and retention issues must be reviewed through judicious consultations with the Academic Bargaining Unit within 90 days of ratification. No new scholarship can be implemented without the mutual agreement of the parties. The SGEU Professional Services Bargaining Unit (PSBU), which represents non-university employees of Saskatchewan Polytechnic, has been granted an interim collective agreement. The new agreement is in line with the most recent agreements, which have been ratified and have about 700 members. There is a copy of the Robert`s Order Rules – Summary version that will lead the administration of the general meeting. The bargaining unit has been out of contract since July 1, 2016. Contributions: from 1 July 2011, employer and salary contributions to the Civil Servants` Pension Fund (PEPP) will amount to 5.84% (5.59%) Increased. Gross salary 0,59% (0,34%) contributions of peps paid to employees in other gross salary pension plans. A pandemic and now a cybersecurity incident. There is no Playbook for that.

Instructors, 6 consecutive weeks with unassigned days; Librarians, 3 weeks won after 1 year, 4 after 7, 5 after 15 and 6 after 25 (unchanged).