Industrial relations – Collective agreement – Enforcement – Arbitration – Judicial review – Scope of review – See paragraphs 19 to 45. The health and well-being of employees is always a top priority. Ontario`s Auditor General notes glaring pension deficiencies. • after obtaining the employee`s consent, engage in a dialogue with the staff concerned to determine their willingness to facilitate the desired accommodations; • Develop a company-wide accommodation policy with a reasonable approach to childcare and legitimate care for the elderly, with flexibility instead of rigidities in setting schedules and other arrangements; Bell Canada is eliminating the shrinking wireless Internet. Long Post 28-28 may include premiums and incentives for annuities For more information, please contact: SMS Equipment Inc. Communications, Energy and Paperwork Union, Local 707, 2015 ABQB 162 (Alta). Q.B.). • Moore v. British Columbia (Education), 2012 SCC 61 (s.C.C.).

• United Nurses of Alberta v. Alberta Health Services, 2019 ABQB 255 (Alta. SMS Equipment is an international manufacturer of heavy machinery used in construction, forestry and mining. This week, 28 workers were laid off, bringing the total number of workers laid off in the past six months. SMS layoffs exacerbate the greater damage to the regional economy caused by layoffs in the oil and gas industry and related industrial sectors. While the federal government is unable to control the global price of oil, Unifor is urging it to make strategic investments to help the sector cope with falling prices while maintaining employment levels. Excellent diaper, salary and opportunity to work on some of the coolest equipment The case involved a single mother of two children under the age of six who was a welder on rotating shifts. The children`s father did not take care of the daycare and the employee had no other family nearby.

When she had to work at night, the employee took care of her children herself because she could not afford to take care of her children and slept little. A great place to work for a number of reasons. First of all, the payment is very nice. You certainly won`t fight to pay the bills. Secondly, the management team is innovative and forward-looking. After all, safety is paramount. Discrimination – Marital status – What constitutes “marital status” – See para. 46-50, 69 and 70. This is a balanced set of services! Life insurance could be more lucrative! Q.B.). Rhonda B. Levy is a Knowledge Management Consultant at Littler LLP in Toronto.

She can be reached at (647) 256-4545 or [email protected] Barry Kuretzky is a partner at Littler LLP in Toronto. SMS offers a standard set of health benefits, Costco membership, and RRS matching programs. The program they have allows total flexibility in choosing what you want SMS Equipment Inc. v CEPU (2015), 614 A.R. 125 (QB) Duty of good faith and honesty in the performance of the contract Discrimination – Employment – Negative effect, indirect or constructive discrimination – See para. 46-93. Ritu Khullar, Q.C., and Michelle Westgeest (Chivers Carpenter), for the defendant. Discrimination – Employment – Exceptions – Bona fide or appropriate professional requirements or qualifications – See para. 88-93. Explain to Lancaster`s experts how the most important labour law decisions from 2015 onwards will affect you in the coming year.

Panelists will also highlight important legislative and policy developments over the past year. In addition to addressing important legislative or jurisprudential developments that occur between the publication of this program and the date of broadcast of the audio, the following topics are discussed: Discrimination – Employment – Based on family, civil or marital status – See paragraphs 46 to 93. Dwayne W Chomyn, Q.C., and Terri Susan Zurbrigg (Neuman Thompson), for applicant; Fairly standard health benefits. Reerbia pairing. Holidays need to become more gradual. Flexible working hours. . AUDIO FILES Audio conferencing MP3 files are available for $245.

Those who purchased the live audio conference can purchase the corresponding downloadable audio MP3 file for the discounted price of $145. The recorded MP3 file and documents will be available for download one business day after the live audio conference. After purchase, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access and download the MP3 file and audio conference documents by visiting My Account and selecting Order History. Once the MP3 file is available on our website, when purchasing audio files for upcoming audio conferences, registrants will receive an update email informing them that the links are now ready. An arbitrator upheld the complaint of a unionized worker and found that the employer was required to accommodate an employee because she was required to work alternating night and day shifts, due to her family situation as a single mother of two young children who had difficulty caring for children during night shifts, under Alberta`s collective agreement and human rights act. Discriminated against. The employer applied for judicial review. Discrimination – Employment – Adverse effects Discrimination – Obligation of the employer or trade union to accommodate the worker – See para.

88-93. Good comprehensive insurance plan. The retirement savings contribution is mandatory by 5%, and the employer doubles the amount (up to a maximum of $2500/year) that you don`t trust their employees enough to work remotely or manage flexible work schedules. The Queens Court of Alberta dismissed the application on the basis that the arbitrator`s findings that “family status” included the duties and responsibilities of child custody and that the union had established a prima facie case of discrimination. Otherwise, if the decision were verifiable against the standard of accuracy, the court would reach the same conclusion by applying the correct interpretation of marital status and the prima facie correct test of discrimination […].