During the transitional period referred to in Article 18, this Agreement shall not affect the application of the specific preferential arrangements for trade in goods defined either in border agreements previously concluded between one or more Member States and Bosnia and Herzegovina or resulting from bilateral agreements referred to by Bosnia and Herzegovina with a view to promoting regional trade in Title III. 2. In the event of disagreement between the Contracting Parties on the consistency of a measure notified in accordance with paragraph 1 of this Article with the provisions referred to in Article 2, the complaining Party may request the original arbitration panel to rule on the matter. That request shall indicate why the measure is not in conformity with this Agreement. After its re-election, the arbitration panel shall render its decision within forty-five days from the date of its resolve. The association will be implemented gradually and fully for a transitional period of up to six years. 2. Any period referred to in this Protocol may be extended by mutual agreement between the Contracting Parties. 3. Before taking the measures provided for in paragraph 1 or, as soon as possible, in the cases referred to in paragraph 4, the Community or Bosnia and Herzegovina shall communicate all relevant information to the Stabilisation and Association Council with a view to finding a solution acceptable to the Contracting Parties. The Parties to the Stabilisation and Association Council may agree on all necessary means to put an end to the difficulties.

In the absence of an agreement within thirty days of the request to the Stabilisation and Association Council, the exporting Party may apply measures pursuant to this Article to the export of the product concerned. 4.