.1 for the most serious damage to the area below the GZ line in accordance with the solas; and (2) Contracting governments agree to recognize the documents referred to in paragraph 1 as evidence that the vessel to which the document relates meets specific stability requirements. .2 When a high-efficiency drainage system is installed, the administration may authorize a reduction in the height of the water surface in accordance with the organization`s recommendations2; .6 if the bulkhead above the ro-bridge is considered damaged, the two crossings of the bulkhead must be considered flooded at the same surface height as those calculated in parts 1.1 and 1.3 above. Signature, ratification, acceptance, approval and adhesion .5 The effect of the estimated amount of seawater accumulated should not be taken into account in the compartment of the damaged Ro-bridge, provided that this compartment has water doors evenly distributed along the sides of the bulkhead on each side of the bridge, which corresponds to the following consequences: the averages are determined by linear interpolation when the rest of the freewheeling (en) 0.3 m or more , but less than 2.0 m; Any instrument of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession tabled after this Agreement enters into force will come into force thirty days after the day of filing. In all cases, the minimum height of the partitions should not be less than 2.2 m. Although, in the case of a suspended machine-deck vessel, the minimum height of the bulkheads should not be less than the height of the machine deck when it is lower; 3.4 If none of the experiments ends in damage, experiments must be repeated five times in each of the two indicated wave states, or an additional bank angle should be given to the model for damage, and the experiment must be repeated twice in each of the two detected wave states. The purpose of the experiments is to best demonstrate the ability to survive against revision in both directions. .2 The hull must be thin enough in areas where this feature affects results; .4 the main structural features, such as waterboards, air leaks, etc.c, above and below the bridge of the partitions that can end in an asymmetrical flow, must be properly designed, as far as possible, to represent the actual situation; 3. The Secretary-General informs the governments of all States that have signed or acceded to this treaty of any act of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession, as well as the date of the tabling of the treaty. Subject to the entry into force conditions, the Secretary-General informs the governments of all these states of the entry into force of the Agreement. 2. Ratification, acceptance, approval or accession are carried out by the filing of the instrument concerned with the Secretary-General.

(a) no more than 12 months from the date of notification to the Secretary-General or .5 2, the vessel must, in the worst case, keep the remaining freeboard for at least 1.0 m, regardless of the impact of the supposed amount of water on the damaged taxi bridge; 3.5 The review must be carried out in the following cases: b) on the day when no less than five States have become members in accordance with Article 7. 1. Any contracting government may announce this agreement by notifying the Secretary General in writing. 3.3 At least 5 (five) periodic experiments must be carried out at each summit. The duration of the trial period in each event must be continued so that a constant state is reached and the duration is not less than 30 minutes full-time. For each test, it is necessary to use different methods of wave implementation. .3.5 The field of activity and, if applicable, at regular intervals during the year for which a significant swell value (hs) has been established, are indicated in the certificates; and (2) Contracting governments also agree to encourage the application of specific stability requirements within schedule 2 for passenger-flagged vessel flying the flag of a contracting state which, according to the schedule, provides regular international passenger services to or from certain ports.