The People Behind the Partnership – Tim Anderson + Kim Niven

Tim Anderson and Kim Niven are committed to the reining community, so much so, that they stepped up as NRHA Corporate Partners. The couple splits time between their life-long home in South Dakota and their reining horse home in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Anderson is currently the Reining Horse Foundation President and chair of the RHF’s Dale Wilkinson Memorial Crisis Fund committee. Anderson and Niven provide unrestricted, annual contributions to RHF as Reiners Club Champions and have been continuous donors for Sliders’ Night Out, a significant fundraiser for the nonprofit. Anderson and Niven are also some of the primary, founding members who helped kick off the 2020 NRHA Futurity Challenge. They have enjoyed success as breeders and owners, and Niven has amassed a strong record in the show pen as an NRHA non pro.

The NRHA Media department had a chance to sit down with Tim during the 2020 NRHA Futurity and talk to him about he and Kim’s shared passion for the NRHA. 

How did you first become involved in reining?  

“Actually, we were involved with pleasure and halter horses initially. We were looking for a sport with horses that had a more fair judging system. The reining scoring system is part of what attracted me to reining.”

How long have you been involved as an NRHA Corporate Partner?  

“I just joined NRHA as a Corporate Partner this year, but we’ve been sponsoring the videos that are sent to all exhibitors after their runs by Equine Promotion. We’d been doing that for two or three years already so we just combined that with the NRHA Corporate Partnership.” 

How long have you been attending the NRHA Futurity?  

“The first year was the year Wimpys Little Chic won (2007).” 

Favorite Futurity memory?  

“I’ve got great memories from every Futurity I’ve been to. And we come in for the whole thing, we never just come for part of the show. We always come in the day before the show starts and we stay until it’s over.”

Considering all the challenges we were faced with in 2020, what did it mean to you to be at the Futurity ?  

“We’re very grateful that we could have the show. We’ve been strong proponents of all the exhibitors and owners adhering to whatever the local mandates are and to the wishes of show management so we could carry through on all the shows this year. It looked questionable if we were going to have an NRHA Derby and that was pulled off successfully, then things kind of quieted down. There was a surge with the virus this fall and it looked iffy if we could pull off the Futurity, but so far so good.”

Tell people something about TK 21 that they might not know:  

“We picked our logo because we think we’ve had pretty lucky lives, Kim and I, so we like the horseshoe 21. We breed horses, we don’t stand any stallions, but we’re owners, breeders and we show horses.”