The Rundown

A rundown may seem like a pretty straightforward maneuver: Run straight down and stop. But, how is it judged?

Article by Megan Arszman, Photos by Lindsay Humphrey

Many consider the rundown a crescendo of a reining pattern. Much like music, it’s a gradual buildup that ends with a powerful release, often stirring emotion in those who experience it.

According the NRHA Handbook, rundowns are explained as “runs through the middle of the arena, and runs along the side and ends of the arena. Rundowns and run-arounds should demonstrate control and gradual increase in speed to the stop.”

The Judge’s Eye

NRHA Professional and Judges Committee Chairman Dean Latimer is a stalwart believer in the importance of “A. General” in the Rules for Judging section of the NRHA Handbook. The statement – in part, “To rein a horse is not only to guide him, but also to control his every movement.” – is the principle all judges follow when evaluating a reiner in the show pen.

“A. General is the greatest single two paragraphs ever, as far as NRHA judges are concerned,” Latimer said. “It’s the first thing we look for: Is the horse willingly guided.”

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