NRHA Germany’s 2012 Top 10 Breeders

Arthur Baeck Claims NRHA Breeders Award Again 


From Ramona Billing – The 2012 NRHA Germany Breeders Award was once more claimed by Arthur Baeck and his Eifel Gold Ranch (BEL). It was another great year for the horses with the ‘BB’ in their names.  Arthur Baeck is the breeder of Whizasunnysailor BB who won the 2012 NRHA Germany Breeders Futurity Snaffle Bit Open with Cira Baeck in the saddle.  NRHA Million Dollar Owner Rosanne Sternberg (GBR) placed second. She is the breeder of Snaffle Bit Hackamore Open Futurity Champion Frozen Spook.


The 2012 Top Ten – NRHA Germany


 Money earned

Arthur Baeck

10.977,57 €

Rosanne Sternberg

    7.854,57 €

Susy Baeck

      7.171,61 €

F. van der Meer

      6.605,97 €

Iver Hansen

      6.444,02 €

Bonzano 23 QH

      5.134,55 €

Nathalie Derua

      4.890,29 €

Marino Pilotto

      4.541,54 €

Ives Leflot

      4.332,70 €

Cowan Select Horses LLC

      4.261,16 €


Photo by Art & Light Photography.

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