Download the 2024 NRHA Reiner media kit.

For advertising opportunities in the NRHA Reiner magazine, please contact Savanah Allen at 817.569.7106 / or Diana Buettner at 817.569.7114.

To advertise on the NRHA website, contact Haley Carmen at

All advertisements submitted to the NRHA Reiner magazine shall not be in conflict with the

Association’s belief in family values, sportsmanship and proper care of the horse. All
advertisements should be suitable for the target audience: NRHA members and their families
which often included young children. As these pages are highly visible, the magazine
cover pages, including the inside covers, must be suitable for that audience. Advertising shall
not include violence, profanity or sexually explicit or provocative images.

Ads featuring partial nudity may be accepted if models are posed in an unprovocative way and
are partially covered (ex. wearing modest swim suits or sports attire). Ads with sexual innuendo
are discouraged. However, ads featuring human models with nudity or partial nudity along with
any level of sexual innuendo will not be accepted under any circumstance