Altera International Ltd. Acquires Arenus Division of Novus Nutritional Brands, LLC

From Novus Nutritional Brands, LLC – January 18, 2013 – Saint Louis, Missouri – Through a management buyout of its Arenus product division, Novus Nutritional Brands, LLC (NNB) has divested itself of its business-to-consumer (B2C) based operations. According to a recent agreement, NNB will work to transition the 5 year old business to Altera International by March 31, 2013.


Through this agreement there will be a long term relationship between NNB and the newly owned Arenus product division, thus satisfying the goals of both businesses.


Jeremy Moore Executive Director of Novus Nutritional Brands stated: “The Arenus product division has been a great opportunity to showcase Novus technologies to the general public. Arenus under Altera will continue to showcase Novus science through utilization of its technologies and ingredients. At the same time this divestiture separates the B2C operations from our core operations, thus allowing each business model to grow without the constraints of each other’s unique infrastructure. Having started the Arenus division just over 5 years ago, I am excited to see this restructuring and am confident that that this strategy will help the Arenus product group to continue its outstanding reputation and growth within the industry.”


Jay Altman, DVM and Executive Business Manager for the Arenus division of NNB and principle owner of Altera International has made the commitment to continue all of the quality product lines and brands now represented under Arenus name. He stated that; “Our goal during the initial transition is for transparency to our customer base, we will be working diligently to see that during the transition period, our customers receive the outstanding quality of service we have become known for. As for the future, our continuing relationship with Novus International and our involvement with the National Animal Supplement Council will help us continue to grow the outstanding products we are known for and aid us in bringing the newest and best technologies to market.”


“I am delighted to see this transition taking place for Arenus as it will open many new opportunities.” ; said Brady Karren the National Sales Manager for Arenus. He went on to say that his goal was to maintain all of his current relationships and ensure that the transition will be seamless by maintaining continuity of contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses and websites.


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