American Youth Horse Council Invites Proposals for 2018 Symposium Presentations

AYHC_Symposium-finalistMcDonald, NM, May 24, 2017– The American Youth Horse Council (AYHC) invites proposals to speak at the 41st Annual AYHC Symposium, April 13-15, 2018 in Oklahoma City, OK. This event presents an opportunity for adult and student leaders in the youth horse industry to come together to learn, network, share ideas and grow as an industry. The event will include tours of the Oklahoma horse industry, live demonstrations, and workshops focused on kids and horses.

Proposals must be submitted electronically by email no later than September 15, 2017. Complete guidelines and form are available at Speakers are responsible for their own registration fees, travel, lodging and other expenses.

Three audiences will be represented:

  • ž   Adult Leaders of Youth—mostly volunteers who work directly with youth in the field
  • ž   Youth Industry Professionals—those employed in the youth horse industry (such as Extension Specialists and breed association youth program coordinators)
  • ž   Teen Leaders—older teen leaders (age 14-18)

The non-breed / discipline specific curriculum throughout the symposium offers equine knowledge that transfers from the book to the barn, providing take-home tools to teach youth about safe and effective horsemanship. Above all, the Symposium connects participants with resources, referrals, and networking to help kids connect through horses. Workshops may be presented in a variety of formats including lecture, discussion, forum, panel, or hands on activity. Preference will be given to interactive workshops.

Symposium information, schedule and form are available at

Workshop Proposal guidelines

Workshop Proposal form

About the American Youth Horse Council
The American Youth Horse Council is a network of academic, breed, industry and other representatives interested in facilitating the flow of horse-related educational resources for youth. AYHC’s mission is to provide encouragement, communication, leadership & resources to serve and promote the youth horse industry. For complete presentation proposal instructions and/or more information about the association, please visit or contact the American Youth Horse Council at

Danette McGuire, AYHC Executive Director
P: 817.320.2005

The National Reining Horse Association is not responsible for information contained in this press release. Please contact the author or submitting organization for further information, requests or questions.

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IEA Creates Zone for the Western Discipline

May 17, 2017, Columbus, Ohio – The Board of Directors of the Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) recently approved a proposal to re-organize the structure of the Western discipline beginning in the 2017-2018 season. Under the current structure, there are ten Western Zones across the United States that includes multiple regions within each Zone. Under the new format there will be one Western Zone splitting into eleven regions that will have more than 160 teams and 2,000 riders. In contrast to the Hunt Seat Zone structure, this unique, non-geographic, discipline-specific zone encompasses all of the United States with an effort to lead to a more successful and equally balanced IEA National Western Finals. The IEA will continue to hold the Western National Finals in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in conjunction and affiliation with the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA).

During the regular season, there will be no change to the process for qualifying for regional finals and all eleven regions will hold a regionals competition. The change happens in that there will not be Western Zone Finals as in previous years, but instead there will be two Semi-Finals held to determine which riders will move on to the National Finals competition.

“The ongoing, year-long effort by IEA Co-founder and Board Member, Ollie Griffith, along with his Western Committee, has launched a new and exciting endeavor for Western teams,” says IEA Executive Director, Roxane Durant. “We hope that this re-structuring will allow riders to experience a more robust regional finals and semi-finals and ultimately help to inspire new Western Teams to form throughout the United States.”

In addition to Griffith, the IEA Western Committee members include: Jessica Bein(Zone 8, Arizona); Bobby Dean (Zone 2, Pennsylvania); Roger Elder (Zone 4, Tennessee); Ruth Finley (Zone 3, North Carolina); Lynlee Foster (Zone 5, Kentucky); Holly Hover (Zone 8, Arizona); Kevin Jewell (Zone 4, Georgia); Todd Knerr (Zone 5 Administrator); Katie Morehead (Zone 5, Ohio); Ashley Wilson(Zone 4, Georgia) and IEA staff members Roxane Durant (Executive Director), Jennifer Eaton (Membership Marketing Coordinator) and Myron Leff (Chief Operating Officer).

A Western Zone Administrator will be named in coming weeks. For more details and guidelines on the new Western Zone, please visit

About IEA:
Celebrating its 15th Anniversary year, the IEA has more than 13,500 middle and high school student-riders across the United States. The IEA was organized to promote and improve the quality of equestrian competition and instruction available to middle and secondary school students and is open to public and private schools and barn teams.  There is no need for a rider to own a horse because the IEA supplies a mount and tack to each equestrian for competitions.  Its purpose is to set minimum standards for competition, provide information concerning the creation and development of school associated equestrian sport programs, to generally promote the common interests of safe riding instruction and competition and education on matters related to equestrian competition at the middle and secondary school levels.  The IEA is open to public schools, private schools, and barn teams.  For more information, please visit

Myron Leff
IEA Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer
614-460-3532  | 

Kimber Whanger
IEA Communications Coordinator
614-542-9415  |

The National Reining Horse Association is not responsible for information contained in this press release. Please contact the author or submitting organization for further information, requests or questions.

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2017 NRHA Election Information


NRHA members have the opportunity to nominate members to represent their interests and to help guide the future of Reining. Read the following overview for more information on how you can get involved in the process. (European members: Please check your email in-box for additional details on European Executive Board Elections for the European Region) 


Director-at-Large on the Executive Committee (Two seats): Worldwide NRHA Members are given the opportunity to nominate and vote for members to serve on the NRHA Executive Committee. Write-in candidates can be submitted by the August 2 deadline. Please refer to the NRHA Elections Procedures for details.

Director for North American regions (One per region): Members from the following regions are also given the opportunity to nominate and vote for members to represent them on a regional level as an NRHA Director. 

  • East Central – Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Tennessee
  • North Central – North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Nebraska
  • South Central – Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana
  • Northeast – Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and District of Columbia
  • Northwest – California*, Idaho*, Oregon, Washington

    *If a member lives in this state and designates an affiliate for Affiliate Regional Championships qualifying in that region, the member will be given voting privileges for that region. If the member lives in this state and does not designate an affiliate, voting privileges will be given as follows: California – Northwest region, Idaho – Northwest region and Nevada – Southwest region.

Elections will rotate to the other regions next year to continue with the alternating schedule.

NRHA Affiliates can nominate members to represent them as an NRHA Director. The deadline for Affiliate nominations is July 5. If a member wishes to be a write-in candidate, he/she may do so by the August 2 deadline. Please refer to the NRHA Elections Procedures for details on both of these options, and look in the Members Only section for helpful forms.

NRHA Election Procedures

NRHA Bylaws

Candidate Biography Template

Candidate Write-In Form


Open: October 1 at noon CDT
End: November 1 at noon CDT


Christa Morris-Stone,, (405) 946-7400, ext. 105
3012 W. Reno Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73107

Voters must be at least 19 years of age by January 1, 2018 and a member in good-standing to participate in this election. Members whose memberships are maintained or recorded as joint, corporate, syndicate, associate, alliance, affiliate, or other type or category are not considered to be individual Members, and they are not eligible to vote.

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NRHyA Welcome Cinch as the New Title Sponsor of the Speaking Contest

The National Reining Horse Youth Association (NRHyA) welcomes Cinch as the new title sponsor to the NRHyA Speaking Contest held annually at the NRHA Derby.

Formed in 2011, the speaking contest allows youth members an opportunity to polish and perfect their public speaking skills while competing for over $3,000 in scholarships and prizes. The contest is split into two age groups, and contestants can compete in their choice of the following divisions: Prepared Public Speaking, Community Service Presentation, and Delivering A: General.

nrhya300“Youth and the future of our western way of life are important to Cinch, and we love that NRHA and NRHyA have a strong commitment to develop our future leaders. We are excited to extend our partnership to support those youth making an active effort to grow their communication skills,Said Megan Scales, Social Media & Sponsorship Manager at Miller International.

When asked about the new sponsorship, Hayley Eberle, NRHA Manager of Marketing & Outreach, had this to say, “We believe that the youth are an important part of NRHA and the equestrian community as a whole. NRHA and NRHyA want to create not only good horsemen and women, but strong, well-spoken representatives that have the life skills to be productive members of society. Dedicated Corporate Partners like Cinch who see the value of our youth and partner with us on life skill building opportunities such as the speaking contest are invaluable, and we sincerely appreciate their support.”

Youth members interested in competing in this year’s Cinch NRHyA Speaking Contest can find more information, including the entry form at or by clicking here. Entries must be postmarked or in the NRHA office by June 3rd.

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NRHA Board of Directors May Meeting Recap

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) hosted meetings for the Executive Committee and Board of Directors in Oklahoma City on May 1-2. The members, elected by the membership annually, reviewed and prepared for discussion of agenda items; raised issues and spoke of opportunities; and voted to make decisions to guide the progress of the Association. In total, the Board members committed nearly 250 hours of effort to NRHA over the course of two days. The largest topic on the agenda was 2018 rule change proposals. A brief overview is provided below along with information on other important discussions.

2017 Handbook cover2018 Rule Change Proposals – The Board of Directors reviewed 37 rule change proposals submitted by members, committees and staff. Prior to their vote, they considered feedback from NRHA Committees and from members via the online survey. Unless otherwise noted, approved rule changes become effective January 1, 2018. More details on what was approved, along with the new rule verbiage, can be found in the Members Only area of

Some of the most significant changes include the following changes or additions to NRHA rules:

  • Beginning in 2019, memberships will last for a complete 12-month or 36-month period, and will no longer expire on December 31.
  • Non Pro Conditions were changed with the approval of 27-01-18. The largest change came from the addition of this text:
    • Even without remuneration, a Non Pro may not train or participate in mounted preparation of a horse not owned or leased by the non pro or the non pro’s immediate family, at or for, a show. It is the intent of the NRHA to limit the ability of a non pro to assist a trainer or other person in the training or preparation of the horse while mounted for a show if that horse is not owned or leased by the non pro or the non pro’s immediate family.
  • World Para-Reining, USA Reining and approved breed restricted para-reining classes were added for Category 4 approval.
  • Event approval deadlines for BB and Top Ten Events changed to 60 days prior to the entry closing date.
  • Added money limits were removed from Category 7 Affiliate Championship classes.
  • The Single Purse Payout structure was approved for optional use in aged and closed aged shows.
  • NRHA Lawson bronzes must be presented when $2,000 or more in added money is offered and other special NRHA Lawson Bronze qualifications are met.
  • Show results now can be sent electronically as long as some requirements are met.
  • Guidelines were added for breaking first place ties.
  • Allowances for touching the horse with the freehand and holding the saddle horn in Freestyle Reining, Entry Level and Youth 10 & Under Short Stirrup classes.
  • Additional guidelines were added to determine when judges may judge an unapproved reining class.
  • Random equipment checks in classes with added money of $500 or less are allowed.
  • A 5-point penalty was added for a horse that loses forward motion and falls to knees or hocks while showing signs of disobedience, intimidation, exhaustion and/or distress.

Equipment clarification – The NRHA Executive Committee recently made a clarification to Rules for Judging. B.(4)(b) and (i) concerning belly bands and belly wraps. This type of equipment, or other materials wrapped around the belly, can cover abuse prior to and during exhibition, and can give an unfair advantage. Therefore, the use of this type of equipment in pre-check or in the show pen is not allowed and will result in a no score.

Fappani Spooky Whiz2017 NRHA Futurity Updates –

  • Addition of the new Level 4 Open Semi-Finals (approved in February).
  • Open Futurity horses will not show on Sunday, November 26. This gives one-day off between the 1st go round and the semi-finals.
  • Sunday’s Non Pro 1st go, 1st section will be longer than the other sections. This allows the go round to end one day earlier and helps manage the overall length of days.
  • The Non Pro Consolation will be held one day earlier than usual on Wednesday, November 29.
  • Freestyle Reining will be held on Thursday, November 30.
  • Adequan North American Affiliate Championship and ancillary classes have been rearranged to avoid conflicts and to move the Silver Spurs Equine Rookie of the Year to later in the schedule.

Affiliate Regional Championship Trophies – If a class at an Affiliate Regional Championships does not offer the level of added money required to award an NRHA Morrison trophy ($1,000), the host can award an NRHA Morrison trophy for that class.

Collegiate Judging Contest – NRHA will work with the Horse Judging Team Coaches Association to implement a collegiate contest during the 2017 NRHA Futurity Level 4 Open Semi-Finals.

European Council Bylaws – Bylaws for the European Region were presented and approved. They consisted of definitions and guiding principles for the council and its executive board. It also included a list of responsibilities specific to the European Region.

IT Project – The Board was given an update on the IT project. Testing on tools for joining and renewing memberships has begun. These tools will become available to members when testing is complete.

Member Survey and Long-Range Planning – Approximately 1,000 members participate in the online survey. Results of the survey have been shared with the Long-Range Planning group and the Board of Directors. A plan, based on those responses and the group’s discussion, is being finalized at this time. It will be presented to the Board at a later date for review and approval.

Regions and Elections Procedures – The procedures were updated to better clarify voting regions for California, Nevada and Idaho residents. The voting region will be based on a member’s affiliate designation. If an affiliate if not designated, it will be based on the member’s state of residence. See the NRHA Regions and Elections Procedures for details.

Task Force Appointment – A task force was appointed to optimize the benefit of International Affiliate Program funds for affiliates and NRHA. The previously appointed Nomination/Payout Task Force will meet in Oklahoma City in the coming weeks.


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NRHA’s Newest Nine Million Dollar Sire – Gunner

NRHA’s Newest Nine Million Dollar Sire – Gunner

For Immediate Release – Oklahoma City, Okla. – May 10, 2017 –  Following a successful event for his offspring at the National Reining Breeders Classic (NRBC), the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) is excited to announce that the legendary stallion and NRHA Hall of Fame Inductee Gunner (AQHA Colonels Smoking Gun, APHA Colonels Smokingun) is unofficially the newest Nine Million Dollar Sire. He is only the third sire to reach this milestone.

Unofficially, Gunner’s offspring earned in excess of $131,000 at the 2017 NRBC, helping push the late sire over the nine-million-dollar mark by $63,000.

Owned by Tim and Colleen McQuay of McQuay Stables Inc., Tioga, Texas, the 1993 stallion was bred by Eric Storey of Henagar, Ala. By Colonelfourfreckle and out of Katie Gun, Gunner was a stand out in the show pen. Some of his accolades include: 1996 NRHA Open Futurity Reserve Champion, 1998 NRBC Open Reserve Champion, and 2001 United States Equestrian Team (USET) Festival of Champions National Reining Champion in Gladstone, New Jersey. His NRHA lifetime earnings (LTE) total more than $173,700.

Gunner’s highest money-earning progeny include:

  • Tinker With Guns (out of Tinker Nic): NRHA LTE over $344,100
  • Gunners Tinseltown (out of Miss Tinseltown): NRHA LTE over $305,300
  • Americasnextgunmodel (out of Cee Dun It Do It): NRHA LTE over $289,400
  • Gunners Special Nite (out of Mifs Doll): NRHA LTE over $219,700
  • Gunnatrashya (out of Natrasha): NRHA LTE over $218,00
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Equipment Clarification – Belly Bands

The NRHA Executive Committee recently made a clarification to Rules for Judging. B.(4)(b) and (i) concerning belly bands and belly wraps. This type of equipment, or other materials wrapped around the belly, can cover abuse prior to and during exhibition, and can give an unfair advantage. Therefore, the use of this type of equipment in pre-check or in the show pen is not allowed and will result in a no score.

NRHA’s equipment rules can be found starting on page 79 of the NRHA Handbook in the Rules for Judging Section.

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NRHA’s Newest Million Dollar Sire Shines Brighter Than Hollywood

For Immediate Release – Oklahoma City, Okla. – May 4, 2017 –  The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) is excited to announce its newest unofficial earner of the Million Dollar Sire milestone, Hollywoodstinseltown. The 2004 AQHA Palomino stallion, owned and bred by David Silva, Sr. joined this elite club after his offspring’s great success at the 2017 National Reining Breeder’s Classic (NRBC). Together, Hollywoodstinseltown’s offspring unofficially earned over $52,000 throughout the event.

Hollywoodstineltown is by NRHA Hall of Fame Inductee and Six Million Dollar Sire Hollywood Dun It and out of NRHA Hall of Fame Inductee Miss Tinseltown. His success isn’t limited just to the breeding shed; Hollywoodstinseltown boasts over $185,800 NRHA lifetime earnings (LTE) during his show career. The flashy palomino’s accomplishments include: 2007 NRHA Futurity Open Prime Time Champion and Open Level 4 finalist with NRHA Hall of Fame Inductee and Three Million Dollar Rider Tim McQuay; 2008 NRBC Open Level 4 finalist with Tim McQuay; 2009 NRBC Open Level 3 Champion and 2009 NRHA Derby Open Level 4 Reserve Champion and Level 3 Open Champion with Marco Ricotta; 2010 NRBC Level 4 Open finalist with March Ricotta; 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games ™ Team Competition Gold medalist and Individual Competition fourth place.

Hollywoodstinseltown’s highest money-earning progeny include:

  • Tinseltown Fly Guy (out of Fly Flashy Jac): NRHA LTE over $249,300
  • Smokinghot Hollywood (out of Smoking Rose): NRHA LTE over $79,300
  • Tinseltown Flash (out of Billie Gun Flash): NRHA LTE over $57,100
  • Missedouttinseltown (out of Miss Sliding Peppy): NRHA LTE over $30,800
  • Woodys Toy Gun (out of Gunners Pearl): NRHA LTE over $29,500

NRHA congratulates Hollywoodstinseltown and his owner, David Silva, Sr., for achieving Million Dollar Sire status.

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List of 2017 AHP Equine Media Awards Finalists Released


List of 2017 AHP Equine Media Awards Finalists Released 

APRIL 25, 2017 – The wait is over. The finalists in the 2017 American Horse Publications Equine Media Awards (EMA) have been named. “This announcement ends two-months of anticipation for the 71 AHP members who have learned that they placed in the top five in one or more of 64 classes,” says Chris Brune, AHP Executive Director and EMA Coordinator. 

Held since 1974, the AHP annual awards contest provides members with an opportunity to be recognized for excellence in equine media. This year’s competition for material published in 2016 drew 783 entries from 105 members, an increase in entries and participants from last year.

The Equine Media Awards, open to AHP members only, offer a Publishing Media Division for publications and freelancers and a Business division for equine-related businesses, organizations, and colleges.

The awards not only recognize excellence in equine media, but every entry is critiqued by professional judges to encourage members to improve.

The excitement isn’t over for the finalists. The next milestone is the announcement of the winners. Awards are placed first, second, third, or honorable mention, so every finalist is recognized for their achievement. The Equine Media Awards presentation will be held on Saturday evening, June 17, 2017, at the DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Paradise Valley during the AHP “Saddle Up for Scottsdale” Equine Media Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Members interested in attending the AHP Equine Media Conference & Awards in Scottsdale can access conference information and register online at

The results of the Equine Media Awards will be available on the AHP website after the awards presentation in June.

Who will be this year’s stars who earn EMA gold in Scottsdale? Here is the list of AHP members who are Equine Media Award finalists for 2017. Congratulations! 


American Cowboy

American Racehorse

America’s Horse

Barrel Horse News


California Horsetrader


Cowgirl Magazine

Daily Racing Form

Dressage Today

Driving Digest

Equine Career Network

Equine Journal


Hoof Beats

Horse & Rider

Horse Illustrated

Horse Radio Network LLC

Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred

Modern Arabian Horse

New York Horse

NRHA Reiner

Off-Track Thoroughbred Magazine

Paint Horse Journal

PATH Intl. Strides

Pennsylvania Equestrian

Practical Horseman

Quarter Horse News

Ranch Horse Journal

Sidelines Magazine


The American Quarter Horse Journal

The Chronicle of the Horse

The Florida Horse

The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care

Thoroughbred Daily News


USDF Connection

USHJA In Stride

Western Horse and Gun

Western Horseman Magazine

Megan Arszman

Abigail Boatwright

Melinda Brown

Kate Bradley Byars

Sarah Evers Conrad

Jennifer Keeler

Bianca McCarty

Merri Melde

Kathryn Navarra

Dusty Perin

Cheri Prill

Kelly Sanchez

Kara Stewart

Scott Trees


American Paint Horse Association

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.

Central Garden & Pet

Certified Horsemanship Association

Horse Lifestyle

Horseware Products, Ltd.

Manna Pro Products, LLC

Monty Roberts JOIN UP International

National Reining Horse Association

Ohio Quarter Horse Association

Pinto Horse Association of America, Inc.

PM Advertising

Purina Animal Nutrition

Road to the Horse/Ride the Remuda Productions



American Horse Publications has united equine-related publishing media, businesses, professionals, colleges, and students for nearly 50 years. The non-profit professional association promotes excellence in equine publishing media and encourages relationships and communication within the horse industry. For more information, visit

Contact: Christine Brune
Phone: (386) 760-7743

The National Reining Horse Association is not responsible for information contained in this press release. Please contact the author or submitting organization for further information, requests or questions.

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Andrea Fappani claims his fourth NRBC Open Championship

Andrea Fappani claims his fourth NRBC Open Championship riding Chic Dreamin for owners Silver Spurs Equine

The long miles, hard work and hours spent putting the finishing touches on some of the toughest reining horses in the country culminated inside the Great Southwest Equestrian Center at the National Reining Breeders Classic with a crowd-raising performance. The focus of the night was the Open Classic Finals where the competitors showed up to battle it out for championship prizes, bragging rights and $75,000.

Finishing the night on top of the field was Andrea Fappani riding Chic Dreamin (Magnum Chic Dream x Skeets Red Dunit) to a score of 229 to top the Level 4 and be crowned the NRBC Open Classic champion.

“It never gets old to win anywhere, especially not here,” Fappani said. “It’s a special place and holds a special place in my heart because this is where I marked a 236, which is still today the highest in NRHA history, so it’s a great place where you can really showcase your horse.”

Fappani and the 5-year-old stallion owned by Silver Spurs Equine wowed the crowd with a stellar performance, proving why the NRBC is one of Fappani’s favorite shows and why he had such confidence going into the finals aboard the flashy sorrel.

“I was waiting for something to maybe not go as planned,” Fappani said with a laugh. “It kept going as I planned it, everything was just right on. I was having fun, to be honest. It was one of those runs where judges award a high score, but it’s not like I was trying that hard. I just let it be. A lot of times you get to some of these finals and you know you have to have a big score to win. You almost try too hard then you get into the penalty box or you override your horse.

“I knew I had a horse that could really mark in the stops,” he continued. “I had a pattern with four stops so I said as long as I nail my stops and stay out of the penalty box I should be in good shape.”

This year marked the fourth time Fappani has claimed the NRBC Open Finals championship, and he says it’s taken a lot of hard work to get here.

“Hard work pays off, that’s what I tell everybody,” Fappani said. “[Some people] think it’s luck but it’s really not. You have to put your head down and work, no matter what you win; the next one’s not going to win itself. You have to go home, go to work and do the best you can.”

Fappani also had success on two other horses in tonight’s finals finishing fourth aboard Smart Shiners Spook (Smart Spook x Ebony Shines), owned by Silver Spurs Equine, with a score of 224.5. Aboard Thebettertohearuwith (Spooks Gotta Whiz x Chex Out The Cowgirl) owned by Bill Coburn, he marked a 220.5 to split 15th place Robin Schoeller riding Spitfire Spook and Franco Bertolani riding Inferno Sixty Six

For some, the fast change between horses in such a high-pressure situation could be nerve-racking however, Fappani says the many years of practice has prepared him.

“It’s easier now because I’ve done it enough,” Fappani said about how he prepares mentally for each horse. “I have a plan the day before [I show] and then I separate all the horses and think one horse at a time. When I got on my first horse tonight I knew what I had to think about what I wanted with that horse and that all I focused on. Then, when I got off that horse, I focused on the next one and don’t think about the last one I rode; I erase it from my memory pretty much.

“I’ve learned that along the way because you just never know what’s going to happen next,” he continued. “I’ve learned to focus on one horse at a time and just go with it.”

Along with the $75,000 for the title, Fappani took home one year’s use of a deluxe two-horse horse trailer from Twin Cities Trailer Sales, a custom championship saddle sponsored by Bob’s Custom Saddles, a Gist Silversmiths championship buckle sponsored by NRBC, a crystal trophy from NRBC, Anderson Bean boots, Whisper Bit from M3 Products, Ultra Cruz Equine Wellness and Joint Care plus other NRBC sponsored products like a custom embroidered cooler, a commemorative champion medal, and champion ribbon collar and roses.

Brian Bell and Dany Tremblay each marked a 225.5 to share the reserve championship in the Level 4. Bell rode Turn Down For What (Einsteins Revolution x My Way Marla) owned by Crews Reining Horses. Tremblay rode Adh Mor Big Luck Ranch’s PS Mega Shine Chic (Shine Chic Shine x Megas Sugar Baby). They each received $41,000 for the reserve co-championship, a Gist Silversmiths reserve champion buckle sponsored by NRBC, a custom embroidered cooler from NRBC, a commemorative reserve champion medal from NRBC and 30 day supply of Cosequin ASU Plus from Nutramax.

The National Reining Horse Association is not responsible for information contained in this press release. Please contact the author or submitting organization for further information, requests or questions.

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