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April 19 – Fappani Wins NRBC Open Championship with SG Frozen Enterprize
The 18th edition of the National Reining Breeders Classic Open finals ended in an exciting run-off for the title. Sam Schaffhauser and Gunners Tinseltown, by Colonels Smoking Gun out of former NRBC Champion Miss Tinseltown, led the finals until the second-to-last set with a 227.Andrea and SG Frozen Enterprise 2015 NRBC

Then Casey Deary and ARC Gunna Sparkya lit up the Great Southwest Equestrian Center Coliseum, taking the lead by a half-point. He retained sole possession of the lead for only one horse, and then two-time NRBC Champion Andrea Fappani and SG Frozen Enterprize, owned by Silver Spurs Equine, tied his score.

Rules dictate that if one rider desires to run-off for the title, they must. Fappani, who won his first NRBC title and his first NRHA Futurity Championship with run-offs, knew what he’d pick. “Unless I have a horse that I feel is running out of air or that I think it isn’t safe for either horse to run, I will run it off. I just don’t do co-championships – It’s not in my blood. I always run-off, and it paid off tonight,” he said.

Only a half-point separated the run-off scores, and the Scottsdale, Arizona trainer left Katy with his third NRBC Open Championship. The title came with the big check made out for $75,000.

SG Frozen Enterprise has a different story than many horses competing at the NRBC. The stallion, by Frozen Sailor out of RS Rose SJ, is Italian born and bred. As a 3-year-old he won the Italian Futurity, and caught Fappani’s attention. “He is a third or fourth generation Italian horse, and I looked at him as a stallion to bring to the states and be an outcross. I convinced his owner at the time, Marco Franchini, to send him over here. It took quite a bit of money because the horse wasn’t enrolled in the NRHA or the NRBC, so he invested a lot in the horse and sent him over here,” Fappani recalled. After a few months the horse sold to Silver Spurs as a stallion prospect.

Fappani typically only shows horses he’s had since their 2-year-old year, but he made an exception for SG Frozen Enterprize. “He’s been a special horse from the beginning. It took some serious work to get together. This horse was trained different than what I’m used to and it took about a year to really get together.”

When the pair won the American Quarter Horse Association World Championship in the Junior Reining, Fappani knew that they had clicked. “I had gotten so frustrated because he was always scoring between a 222 and a 225, and I knew he was a horse that could mark more than that. When we won that I knew there was no confusion between us anymore, and he’s been solid ever since,” he said. “I had a feeling he was going to be good. Now that I know him and he knows me we’re going to be a good team.”

While Deary admitted he wouldn’t have voted to run-off for the title, he commended Fappani for his decision. “My horse is four and I knew Andrea’s horse is older and so broke and Andrea is a great showman. He could probably have come in here again and his horse would do that same strong run, so he made the right call – he’s the master of it.”

Deary’s horse, by Gunnatrashya out of Sailing Spark, is owned by Rabboni Reining Horses, and won $51,000 for the reserve title. “Mr. Arcese raised him, and I got him the first part of his 3-year-old year. He’s been just a dream to ride. He wants no trouble and is the quietest stallion to be around – you’d think he was a gelding because he has such an incredible brain,” he said.

While the win would have come with even more prizes and money, Deary noted he wasn’t disappointed. “There is no way I could be upset with how it turned out. To have two four-year-olds in the finals like I did, and to have them both step up and play with these guys means that disappointment is not even in the picture.” He added, “I couldn’t be prouder of either of them. They’re both incredible horses and both have two years of eligibility left!”

Deary’s other entry, Magnum Starlights (Magnum Chic Dream x Starlights Sugarwhiz) owned by Antler Ridge Ranch, won the preliminary round. He returned in the finals and finished in a 3-way tie for fifth place, earning $20,000 and pushing Magnum Chic Dream exceptionally to the $3 million sire mark.

Open Level 3 and 2
Taking the Championship of Open Levels 2 and 3, and finishing eighth in the Level 4 was Joao Felipe Lacerda and Gunner Dun It Again, by Colonels Smoking Gun out of Dun Its Deja Vu. All total, the win netted a check for $50,090.

Gunner Dun It Again was recently flown to Texas from Brazil. Owner Paulo Tripolani promised Lacerda that if he and Gunner Dun It Again won the Brazilian Futurity, the two could travel to the NRHA futurity in December. “He actually got hurt and wasn’t able to show at the futurity, but then he won the Super Stakes in Brazil last November,” noted Andre Tripoloni, Paolo’s son. “That was his first show, and this was the second. We are very proud.”

Lacerda noted that winning at the NRBC was exciting. “To come from Brazil and bring the horse here is a dream come true. We had a mistake in the first stop, but then we had a lot of fun,” he said.

Tripoloni added that, as of now, the plan is for the stallion and Lacerda to stay in the States for one to two more years. “We hope he can compete at more derbies and more NRBCs, and then we will see,” he said.

Trevor Dare and Sugar Pop Step Ahead took Reserve honors in both levels with a 221.5, winning more than $19,830 for owner Thiago Boechat. That score also tied for twelfth place in the Level 4, garnering an additional $12,587. Sugar Pop Step Ahead is by Wimpys Little Step out of Sugar Pop Gun.

Open Level 1
It was her first time to compete at the NRBC, and the first time to show Wimpys Wrangler AC, so winning the Level 1 Open Championship was a major victory for Marie Kleiner. Kleiner, who works for Xtra Quarter Horses of Purcell, Oklahoma, rode Wimpys Wrangler AC, by Wimpys Little Step out of Wranglers Gay Bar, to a 218, winning $3,249 for owner Courtney Battison.

“It felt really awesome to win here,” Kleiner said. “I love the NRBC!”

The finals pattern was a perfect set up for the stallion. “I was really excited to get to run in. He’s a big stopper so I was happy to get to do that. He stopped really big and backed up fine. I asked him to turn and he was a little fidgety in the middle, which scared me just a little. He circled really well and when we got to our stops he finished strong and was really fun,” she recalled.

Wimpys Wrangler AC is the first reining horse for owner Courtney Battison, who’s well known in the hunter under saddle industry. “She wants to get into reining, and this is her first reining horse – she actually just bought him three weeks ago. She was able to be here and was very excited, too,” Kleiner said. “This is an incredible horse and he is really fun.”

The Level 1 Champion received a custom saddle from Kyle Tack, a Gist Silversmiths buckle, a WonPad, a Whisper Bit from M3 Products, a champion ball cap from Just Stitch It, a $50 gift Certificate to Thomas Moore Feed, and signature NRBC crystal.

Riding Chiquitas Valentine for Dell and Terri Hendricks, Colin Fitzpatrick won the Level 1 Reserve Championship with a 217, earning $1,977. Chiquitas Valentine is by Starlights Wrangler out of Spanish Dun It.

Winning the high-scoring APHA buckle for the Open Level 1 was Gun Whiz It (Colonels Smokin Gun x Roll Whiz It) and rider Becky Sorrell. Gun Whiz It is owned by Stephanie Nelson.

Prime Time
Topping the Open Prime Time was Duane Latimer, who piloted Da Vintage to a handicapped score of 222.5. The win netted a check for $1,950, a Gist Silversmiths buckle, a champion ball cap from Just Stitch It, a WonPad, a $50 gift certificate from Thomas Moore Feed, and the custom bicycle. The pair also placed third in the Level 3, garnering an additional $10,692 for owner Harper Conner of Dallas, Texas.

Da Vintage, by A Sparkling Vintage out of Cowboys Belle Bar, was shown as a 3-year-old by a couple different people, before taking a break from showing during 2014. “This is really his first time to show since his 3-year-old year. It’s the first time I showed him for real,” Latimer, a former NRBC Champion who surpassed $2 million in lifetime earnings at the 2014 event, explained. “He was good here. He wasn’t perfect in the preliminary round, but he was really good in the finals and I am very happy with him.”

Latimer has ridden just a couple horses for the Conner family. “They’re customers of Tom McCutcheon, and I work for Tom. I got this horse and rode him a little bit last fall and got along with him, so we all decided that I’d ride him here – especially since I am eligible for the Level 3 and Prime Time.”

There was a three-way tie for third place in the Prime Time between another Duane Latimer entry, Debbie Brown, and Casey Hinton. Each marked a 220 and received a check for $1,150. Latimer rode Taking A Rest (Smart Spook x Plenty Of Rest) for Wagman Ranch Inc. Debbie Brown rode Belle Starr Dun It (Hollywood Dun It x Chic Olena Starbuck) for Turnabout Farm Inc., and Hinton rode Ruf Revolution (Einsteins Revolution x Lil Chic Peppy), a horse he owns with his wife Kathy.

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April 17 – Non Pro Champions Crowned at NRBC
The first Champions of the 2015 National Reining Breeders Classic were crowned Friday, April 17, when the Non Pros battled it out for top honors in the Great Southwest Equestrian Center’s Coliseum Arena.

This year was the largest Non Pro in NRBC history, and the combined preliminary and finals payout of $269,473 proved that.

Non Pro Level 4Sarah Locker nrbc 2015
Taking top honors and the $30,000 check was Sarah Locker who rode Heavy Duty Chex to earn a score of 220. “I don’t think there are any words to explain how excited I am. First of all that’s the first time that I’ve marked a 220, so that’s a really big deal, but then to win something like this is unbelievable.”

Locker made her NRBC debut in 2014, but her entry was a little sore before she showed. Although the possibility of her horse getting sore was at the back of her mind, she hoped she’d have better luck. “I’d say better luck is definitely what we had today,” she shared following the awards ceremony.

Locker’s family raised Heavy Duty Chex, by their stallion Nu Chex To Cash and out of the good mare Rondas Tio. “Nu Chex To Cash is sterile now; there won’t be many more babies to compete so it’s really special that I have him. We still have his mother and she’s in her 20s now. She has her own stall in the barn and is very special too,” Locker said. “It’s special when you win a big event but it means so much more when you’ve raised them. This horse and I have been together from the beginning.”

Locker showed the 4-year-old at the National Reining Horse Association Futurity last December, placing seventh in the Non Pro Level 4. “This was our first big show of the year so it was a heck of a way to kick it off. He just keeps getting better and better for me so I’m excited to see how the rest of the year unfolds.”

Locker and Heavy Duty Chex finished third in the preliminary round, and she noted that the horse’s talent put even more pressure on her. “I was so nervous before I went into the pen. I’ve been like that ever since I was a little kid – I’d get so nervous I’d almost cry. I knew that I was on a great horse and I think that made it harder, because as a rider you want to show everything that the horse has and his ability, so you want to do the best job by them. I was nervous about doing that but I think I did ok!” she said with a smile.

Locker thanked her family members, who unfortunately weren’t able to attend the show. “My brother was here for the preliminaries but had to leave for another horse show because he’s a trainer, too. My sister is on her way down now. My parents had to collect studs today and they were taking breaks in between breeding and checking mares so they could watch me. I definitely thank my family because they’re a huge support system for me. I also thank the company I work for, Santa Cruz Animal Health, for letting me be here and set up a booth for them and have a good week here at the show.”

She noted that she also receives a lot of support from her horse show family. “Casey Deary and his whole crew – it’s an amazing family and group to be part of. Thank you to all my friends and everyone for cheering for me. The horse show family is so huge so you never run out of people to thank and be appreciative of having in your life.”

So how does Locker feel about the NRBC? “It’s such a cool place. I didn’t get to experience a lot of it last year, but it is a great facility and the staff is great. Being here as a sponsor, vendor, and exhibitor I’ve gotten to experience all the different parts of this show and it’s just incredible. You get treated so great and everyone involved with putting on the show does such a great job.” She added, “Even with all the crazy weather we’ve had there have been plenty of places to ride and warm up so you’re prepared to show – regardless of what the weather is doing. It’s a very well-run event, for sure.”

There was a three-way tie for the Non Pro Level 4 Reserve Championship between Cade McCutcheon, Kelle Smith, and Josh Hattig. Each rode a horse by Colonels Smoking Gun, marked a 219.5, and took home checks for $14,650. McCutcheon was riding Custom Made Gun, out of Custom Made Dunit, owned by McQuay Stables, while Smith rode her horse, Dunit The Gunner Way, out of Dun It The Hard Way.

Non Pro Level 3

Former NRBC Non Pro Champion Josh Hattig rounded out the three-way tie on Gunners Snappy Chic. Eligible for the Level 3, Hattig took sole possession of that title, winning an additional $9,745. “I can’t lie, I wish I would have won the Level 4, but this is a great horse and I am blessed to be able to do this. I thank God – he’s number one because this is just a luxury that we get to do. I thank my dad, mom, wife, her parents, and Yonathon Baruch who has helped get the mare ready the last six weeks,” he said.

During the award ceremony, Hattig received a custom saddle from Kyle Tack, a Gist Silversmiths buckle, a champion ball cap from Just Stitch It, a Whisper Bit from M3 Products, a WonPad from WonPad, a $100 gift certificate from San Juan Ranch & Santa Cruz Biotechnology, and a $50 Thomas Moore Feed gift certificate.

Hattig recounted his finals run, noting that while the mare stopped big on the first maneuver, she caught her front right in the stop. “She caught it just a tiny bit, which is why she fell forward. I think that made her not want to step really hard turning, so she didn’t turn quite as hard as she can,” he said. “I haven’t shown a really good horse in the last three years so I was a little bit rusty in some of my guiding but she circled really good and changed great. She got set in her large fast a little to the right. I wanted to go a little more but that’s what she had to give today because I think it’s about 94% humidity.”

Hattig’s family raised Gunners Snappy Chic, and her dam, Chics Miss Snap, won the NRBC Non Pro Mare Award and placed fourth in the Non Pro in 2008. “That mare has had three or four babies that have been good. This one was really great in the go-rounds at the Futurity, but hurt her right rear before the finals. I knew she’d be ready to roll. We sent her to Yonathon six weeks ago to get tuned up and acclimated. She has a huge, huge heart and is a huge stopper. She’s a really big turner and she’s become really good at circling. It seems like every day of every week she’s a little bit better and a little bit better, so I think she’ll just continue to improve,” he said.

Non Pro Level 2 & 1

The NRBC was Chandler Winard’s second Derby, and it was the first time for the 16-year-old to compete at the show, ever. However, she made the finals for Non Pro Levels 1-4, finished as the Champion of Levels 1 and 2, Reserve Champion in Level 3, and tied for fifth in the Level 4. All total, she’s taking $22,123 back to Scottsdale, Arizona.

She and her horse, Tags Golden Star, marked a 219 in the finals, having marked a 217 in the preliminary round. “I felt a lot of pressure but I just told myself it was just another show and I didn’t get too nervous. He was really good in the preliminary round and I just wanted to do the same thing in the finals – but he did even more for me,” she said.

Winard’s family purchased Tags Golden Star, by Whiz N Tag Chex out of Boogies Smart Star, in September of 2014 at the High Roller Reining Classic. “I got to ride him a couple times in April and loved him and I never gave up on having him. I tried a lot of other horses but we bought him,” she said.

With eyes now focused on the NRHA Derby, the victory at the NRBC has given the high school sophomore another shot of confidence. “I’m really excited about it now,” she said.

Winnard won a custom saddle from Continental Saddlery, a custom saddle from Bob’s Custom Saddles, $100 in gift certificates from Thomas Moore Feed, champion ball caps from Just Stitch It, two Whisper Bits from M3 products, two WonPads from WonPad, and gifts and prizes from the NRBC including the signature crystal trophies.

She thanked her parents for buying Tags Golden Star. “They always support me. I also thank my trainer Dan Huss for always making sure we’re ready. Daniel Schloemer also deserves thanks for helping me with my horses, and all the people who have supported me through my whole horse career.”

Non Pro Prime Time

Harper Conner and Julie Ridgeway tied for the Reserve Championship of the Non Pro Level 2. Both entries also placed in Levels 3 and 4, earning a total of $13,071. Conner rode Vintage Glamour, by A Sparkling Vintage out of Starjac Miss, while Ridgeway rode Nu Pops, by Nu Chex To Cash out of Sugar Pop Gun 1998.

Ridgeway and Nu Pops also won the Reserve title in the Non Pro Level 1 and the Championship of the Non Pro Prime Time, collecting an additional $2,659. “I’m so very excited. This horse is fabulous. I was very lucky and fortunate because I have this great horse who did everything I asked of him – I was just along for the ride,” she said. “Last year was my first year to show here in the Derby. It’s my favorite show of the year. I think the best horses and riders are here at the NRBC and I feel grateful to be a participant and to have done well.”

Ridgeway noted, “I am very thankful to Matt Armenta and Ricky Nicolazzi for helping get my horse prepared for this event. I also thank Todd Sommers because he started this horse and I am thankful to him as well.”

Along with some big money, Ridgeway won a Gist Silversmiths buckle, a champion ball cap from Just Stitch It, a WonPad from WonPad, a $50 gift certificate from Thomas Moore Feed, and signature crystal and prizes from the NRBC.

Michael Garnett and Blo Gun finished as the Prime Time Reserve Champions with a score of 218.5, collecting $1,001. Blo Gun is by Colonels Smoking Gun out of The Hot Jewel.

Special Awards for Paints at the NRBC

The American Paint Horse Association presents beautiful trophy buckles to the high-scoring registered paint in Non Pro Levels 1-5. Mandy McCutcheon won the Level 4 buckle on Taris Lil Gunner. Julie Ridgeway won the buckle for Non Pro Levels 1-3 on Nu Pops. APHA Director of Business Development Kalyn Sanders was on hand to present the awards.

The Finals action continues Saturday with the Open divisions. The first section will begin at 11am, and the Open Level 4 finalists will compete at 5pm.

For complete results, click  here.


Andrea Fappani and Custom Spook Win NRBC Open Classic Challenge/$25k NRHA Open

An exciting Friday evening at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center in Katy, Texas, concluded with the National Reining Breeders Classic Open Classic Challenge, run concurrently with the $25,000 Added National Reining Horse Association Open.

The call of big money was what made the decision for Andrea Fappani and owner Pat Warren to enter 9-year-old stallion Custom Spook in both classes. “For this year this was one of the opens with more added money. He’s fresh – he hasn’t been shown for the past few months – so Pat and I decided this would be a good place to take him,” Fappani said.

He added that the Coliseum arena suits the horse’s style. “He’s a fast horse that likes to circle in big arenas and this is probably the best arena for that, so we decided this was the place to go and it turned out to be good.”

With a score of 224, the pair won both classes. The earnings totaled $15,909, and prizes included a signature NRBC crystal.

Fappani and Custom Spook (Smart Spook x Custom Spinderella) have a long history together, having won more than $100,000 before he handed the reins over to Warren. “I showed him pretty hard as a 3 and 4-year-old and then he was sold to Pat to be a Non Pro horse. We’ve been sharing him the last three years.

“He’s been a good horse for Pat and I’m lucky to get to show him a few times a year at the Opens and seven-and-up classes.”

Fappani also won the Reserve Championship in the Classic Challenge on Nics Little Bud, owned by Bill Coburn of Sherman Oaks, California. Nics Little Bud, by Nic It In The Bud out of Chex Out The Cowgirl, also placed third in the NRHA Open, winning a total of $10,410.

Jordan Larson and Legacy In Lights won the Reserve Championship of the NRHA Open, earning a check for $6,085. Legacy In Lights, owned by Bearden Equine Investments, is by Hit The Lights and out of Doc Berry Miss.

April 16 – 2015 NRBC Open Finalists Decided
The field of 190 Open Level 4 riders at the 2015 National Reining Breeders Classic was cut to the top 33 following the second section of preliminary competition that came to a close Thursday evening.

The NRBC pays big money in the preliminary round, and Casey Deary of Weatherford, Texas, piloted Magnum Starlights to the high score – a 224.5. The NRBC is known for big purses that are distributed at the event. That meant that during the Cardinal Reining Horses Open Draw Party, Deary and owners Antler Ridge Ranch were presented with a check for $14,221!

Magnum Starlights, by Magnum Chic Dream out of Starlights Sugarwhiz, is a 4-year-old stallion. He already has an impressive resume, including an Open win at the High Roller Reining Classic Futurity in 2014. His sire, NRHA $2 million sire Magnum Chic Dream, earned million dollar sire status at the 2010 show. With approximately $90,000 left to reach the $3 million mark (before any money earned at the NRBC is factored in), it is likely that he will surpass that milestone at this event.

Former NRBC Champion Tom McCutcheon finished second in the preliminary round on Turnabout Farm Inc.’s 5-year-old gelding The Wizster with a 222.5, good for $9,424. The Wizster is by Gallo Del Cielo out of Miss Whizard Jac.

Rounding out the top three of the Open Level 4 and topping the Open Levels 3 and 2 is Joao Felipe Lacerda and Gunner Dun It Again with a 221.5. Owned by Paulo Tripoloni, Gunner Dun It Again is by Colonels Smoking Gun out of Dun Its Déjà vu. The 4-year-old stallion was flown in from Brazil to compete in Katy at the NRBC, and between the three levels of eligibility has won $12,355.

Chexmart, ridden by Saar Ben Hamo for owner Connie Jordan, topped the Level 1 Open preliminary round with a 215.5, earning $1,121. Chexmart, by Smart Like Juice out of Peppy Tuff Chex, will also compete in the finals for Open Levels 3 and 2.

Riding Taking A Rest for Wagman Ranch Inc., Duane Latimer took top honors in the Prime Time division with a score of 220, worth $650. Taking A Rest is by Smart Spook out of Plenty Of Rest.

A 218 was the magical number Level 4 for finals hopefuls, and Intermediate Open riders were shooting for a 215. It took a 213.5 to make it back for the Limited Open finals, and the bubble score in the Open Level 1 was a 204.5. The Open Prime Time cutoff, with handicaps figured in, was a 211.5. The 2015 NRBC Open Finals begin Saturday, April 18, at 11am, with the 33 Open Level 4 finalists competing at 5pm.

For complete results, click here.

April 15 – McCutcheon and The Wizster Lead NRBC Open Preliminaries after First Day
The National Reining Breeders Classic Open competition began Wednesday, April 15, with the first of two sections of Open Preliminaries. The second section will run Thursday with the remaining 94 of 189 Open entries at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center in Katy, Texas.

Tom McCutcheon_2015 NRBCFormer NRBC Champion Tom McCutcheon, from Aubrey, Texas, entered the arena as draw 64 to take the lead in the Open Level 4. Riding The Wizster, by Gallo Del Cielo out of Miss Whizard Jac, McCutcheon marked a 222.5 for the lead. The Wizster, a 5-year-old gelding, is owned by Turnabout Farm Inc., of Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Leading the preliminaries in the Open Levels 3 and 2 is Gunner Dun It Again, ridden by Joao Felipe Lacerda with a 221.5. Gunner Dun It Again, by Colonels Smoking Gun out of Dun Its Déjà vu, is owned by Paulo Tripoloni. The 4-year-ol d stallion was flown from Brazil to compete at the NRBC.

Roger Barral piloted his horse Whiz N Annie to the high score of the Open Level 1 with a 210.5. Whiz N Annie is a 5-year-old mare by Walla Walla Whiz out of Pamelas Lil Gun.

Another Turnabout Farm Inc., entry, Belle Starr Dun It ridden by Debbie Brown, is currently tied for the lead of the Open Prime Time preliminaries with Carol Metcalf and Mister Smarts. Both scored a 219. Belle Starr Dun It is a 6-year-old mare by Hollywood Dun It out of Chic Olena Starbuck. Mister Smarts, a 5-year-old stallion by Mister Dual Pep out of Cowgirls Are Smart, is owned by Carol and her husband Steve.

Open finalists will be determined once the scores are in from Thursday’s second section. The top 30 in the Open division and the top 20 in the other four Open divisions will compete in the Finals on Saturday. Open finalists will determine their finals draw during the Cardinal Reining Horses Open Draw Party on Thursday evening. Along with the draw, the finalists will also get to vote on who will officiate the finals Saturday.

April 14 – Marc Gordon Wins NRBC Non Pro Preliminaries on Revolution Is Dun
The largest Non Pro class in National Reining Breeders Classic history is in the books, and the field is set for the finals on Friday evening.

Marc Gordon_2015 NRBCTopping the leaderboard of the Non Pro Level 4, as well as Non Pro Levels 2 and 3 and the Non Pro Prime Time, is Marc Gordon of Elgin, Illinois. Gordon piloted his 6-year-old stallion Revolution Is Dun, by Einsteins Revolution out of Miss Whiz Done Dunit, to a 219.

That means that Wednesday evening during the Markel Insurance Non Pro Finals Draw Party, Gordon will collect the first place check of $7,070 for the Non Pro Level 4 preliminaries, and an additional $2,399 for the other divisions.

Scottsdale, Arizona, competitor Chandler Winard topped the Non Pro Level 1 preliminaries with a score of 217 on Tags Golden Star, by Whiz N Tag Chex out of Boogies Smart Star. That score secured a finals berth in Non Pro Levels 1-4. All told, Winard will pocket $3,713 in preliminary earnings.

The top 30 in the Non Pro Level 4 earned finals berths, and in the other divisions the top twenty plus ties will advance. It took a 214 to make the finals in the Non Pro Level 4; a 213.5 in the Non Pro Level 3; a 212 in the Non Pro Level 2; a 207 in the Non Pro Level 1; and a 210 in the Non Pro Prime Time.

For a complete list of results, visit

April 13 – Jack Medows and Surprizentheprincess Top First Section of NRBC Non Pro Preliminaries
Jack Medows and Surprizentheprincess at NRBC 2014

The first section of Non Pro competition at the National Reining Breeders Classic is in the books. At the end of the day, Jack Medows and Surprizentheprincess hold the top spot with a 218, undoubtedly securing his spot in his second NRBC Non Pro finals.

In 2014 Medows, barely old enough to drive, and Surprizentheprincess made the finals of Non Pro Levels 1-4, finishing as the Champion of Levels 1-3 and third place in the Level 4.

Surprizentheprincess, owned by Amy Medows of Cuba, Missouri, is a 6-year-old mare by Jerry Lees Surprise out of Princess In Diamonds.

Chandler Winard, Scottsdale, Arizona, sits atop the leaderboard for Non Pro Levels 1-3 with a score of 217 on Tags Golden Star, a 5-year-old gelding. Tags Golden Star is by Whiz N Tag Chex out of Boogies Smart Star.

Currently leading the Non Pro Prime Time preliminaries is Michael Garnett and Blo Gun (Colonels Smoking Gun x The Hot Jewel) with a handicapped score of 217.5. Blo Gun, a 5-year-old stallion, is owned by Garnett, who resides in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Non Pro preliminary competition continues Tuesday. The top 30 in the Non Pro, as well as the top 20 in the Intermediate Non Pro, Limited Non Pro, Non Pro Level 1, and Non Pro Prime Time, will advance to the clean-slate finals on Friday. The draw for the finals will be decided during the Markel Insurance Non Pro Draw Party on Wednesday evening.

April 12 – 2015 NRBC Non Pro is Largest Ever!

Tomorrow marks the start of the 18th annual National Reining Breeders Classic, although the Great Southwest Equestrian Center has been bustling with activity since Easter Sunday. Over the past week the facility has transitioned from hosting the english Pin Oak Charity Horse Show and Spring Gathering to exhibiting a more western flare with one of the world’s largest and toughest reinings.

It’s a smooth transition, as the presentation of the NRBC was originally – and still is – modeled after the hunter/jumper industry where the ambiance of premier events includes fresh flowers, bright and royal colors, and extensive attention to details. Now, according to those who attend both events, the NRBC exceeds its predecessors as far as sheer presentation.

Over 30 vendors have settled in, the show office is bustling, and the majority of competitors have made the GSWEC their home away from home.

The preparation is over, the stage is set. It’s time. The NRBC will begin Monday morning at 9am with the preliminaries of the Non Pro Classic. This year, the Non Pro has 184 entries – surpassing the record set in 2012!

The top-30 entries in the Non Pro and top-20 in the Intermediate Non Pro, Limited Non Pro Level 1 Non Pro, and Prime Time Non Pro divisions will earn a finals berth on Friday, April 18. Officiating the action inside the Coliseum arena for the preliminaries are NRHA judges Donnie Bricker, Corey Hendrickson, Andi Paul, Butch Carse, and Ed Bricker.

While the fans in and around the arena will have the best seats to watch the event, reining enthusiasts around the world can still enjoy the NRBC, thanks to the live webcast from Equine Promotion5. To view the webcast, just visit the NRBC website at

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NRHA Show Steward School to be hosted in Kreuth

Provided by Simona Diale – For the second year running the NRHA (National Reining Horse Association) Show Steward School will be hosted at the Osbayernhalle in Kreuth, Germany,  open to both new applicants and to those re-certifying.

The school is scheduled for Saturday, April 18th, and will start at 8.30 a.m. Theory will be covered, as well as situations stewards need to address during a horse show. Following the school, applicants and those re-certifying will be tested.

For information regarding NRHA Show Stewards, please refer to the information you will find in the NRHA Handbook – pages 103-105.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Nick Cornelissens at +32(0)477 572 589 (Phone) or

Show Steward Application-April 18

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2015 NRHA European Futurity: The Draw is Online!

Provided by Simona Diale, April 8, 2015 – Both the Open and Non Pro division draws of the upcoming National Reining Horse Association European Futurity are now online as horses and riders all over Europe are getting to show in the prestigious event which will be held in Kreuth, Germany, on April 19-25. Open to 4-year-old horses enrolled in the NRHA European Nomination Program, both divisions are run in a qualifying go and clean slate finals format.

The numbers:
The NRHA European Open Futurity counts 61 entries in the €92,000-added Level 4 division; 42 entries in the €35,390.12-added or more Level 3 division; 40 entries in the € 20,222.92-added or more Level 2 division and 17 entries in the € 10,111.46-added or more Level 1 division.

The KL Performance Non Pro Futurity counts 36 entries in the € 36,000- added Level 4 division; 28 entries in the € 15,167.19 added or more Level 3 division; 32 entries in the € 8,666.97.-added or more Level 2 division and 16 entries in  the € 4,333.48- or more Level 1 division.

Please remember that horses MAY NOT be clipped!

For further information, visit

The National Reining Horse Association is not responsible for information contained in this press release.  Please contact the author or submitting organization for further information, requests or questions.

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2015 NRHA Germany Convention: New Board Elected

Joachim Zangerle now President, Gerd Wilhelm Vice President

Provided by Ramona Billing, April 8, 2015 - During their 2015 Annual Convention, the National Reining Horse Association of Germany elected a new Executive Board. After eight years as an NRHA Germany president, Kay Wienrich had announced that he would not be available for re-elections any more – as had Paul Kratschmer  who had been NRHA Germany‘s President resp. Vice President for 15 year.


This is the new Board of NRHA Germany:

President                     Joachim Zangerle

Vice President             Gerd Wilhelm

Sports                         Bernie Hoeltzel

Youth                          Thomas Lik

Financials                    Johanna Lanner

Regional Groups         Roland Kirchner

PR/Sponsoring            Isabeau Riemann

Joachim Zangerle is already well known in reining. He has been working on the Board for 10 years now in the Youth division and is Vice President of the DOKR Reining Committee. It is due to his achievements, that the NRHA Germany Youth Camp has become such a huge success. He was also part of the organization of the first FEI European Championships Reining for Junior and Young Riders in 2009.

Gerd Wilhelm, who operates La Mesa Ranch in Prichsenstadt, has been working on the Board for several years and was responsible of Marketing / Sponsoring. He has been working in the NRHA European Affiliate Council for five years and was part of the team organizing the NRHA European Futurity for six years.

The NRHA Germany was founded in 1987 and became an NRHA Affiliate in 2012. With more than 3,000 members, it is the biggest reining association outside the American continent. NRHA Germany organizes five major events each year starting with the NRHA Easter Show. The highlights are the NRHA Breeders Derby and the NRHA Breeders Futurity, which are part of the NRHA Germany Stallion Service Program. Also, NRHA Germany is dedicated to promoting reining in Europe. The association organized the 2009 FEI European Reining Championships and established CRIs for Junior and Young Riders. Their youth program as well as the one for regional groups has been very successful for years now. The association includes twelve regional groups that organize clinics, promotional events and shows themselves.

NRHA Germany is also busy promoting Para Reining in Europe on its way to becoming an FEI Para Equestrian discipline. Last year, they organized and sponsored the first Para Reining Training Camp in Europe. Two weeks ago, they presented the discipline during the FEI Para Equestrian Forum at Equitana in Essen.

For more information, please visit

Picture above: The new board from left to right: Bernie Hoeltzel, Johanna Lanner, Joachim Zangerle, Roland Kirchner, Isabeau Riemann, Thomas Lik and Gerd Wilhelm.

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2015 NRHA Germany Easter Show

Provided by Ramona Billing, April 7, 2015 - With more than 800 entries, the NRHA Germany Easter show was even more successful than last year. With jackpot classes hosting more than 100 entries and Novice Horse classes with almost 80 entries, it was the perfect start of the 2015 show season. Open and non pro riders from all over Europe used the chance of testing their horses for the new season. The highlights of this event were the Bronze trophies and the CRI*** – qualifier for the FEI European Championships.

Alexander Ripper and Revolutionary Affair claim NRHA approved Easter Trophy Open
What a fine start for multiple FEI European Champion Alexander Ripper. With Juergen Maibaum’s Revolutionary Affair (Einsteins Revolution x Coronas Affair) he claimed the first Bronze trophy of the year in Germany, the NRHA approved Easter Trophy Open scoring a 143.5. Volker Schmitt and JSE Gunsnroses (owned by Alexandra Melchert) followed closely on second place (143). It was not the first Bronze trophy Alex Ripper and Revolutionary Affair who also won the 2014 Swiss Derby.

Lena-Marie Maas claims Easter Trophy Non Pro after run off
The NRHA approved Easter Trophy Non Pro ended with a tie on first place between  Lena-Marie Maas aboard Mr Stun Gun (Gunner x The Boss Kid), owned by Kathrin Maas, and Michelle Maibaum aboard Gunners Jem, owned by Kristina Maibaum, who scored a 143.5 each. In the following run off, Lena-Marie Maas scored a 144.5 which was this event’s high score. Michelle Maibaum placed second scoring a 140.5 and also rode Juergen Maibaum’s Chics Lil Revolution to third place honors (141.5).

Grischa Ludwig did it again: just like at last year‘s Easter Show, he once more managed to win the CRI*** in the senior division. He scored a 220.5 aboard the 7-year-old AQHA stallion  Sharp Dressed Shiner for owner La Mesa Performance Horses. Austrian rider Klaus Lechner and Julia Gaupmann‘s Cody Rooster Delmaso placed second scoring a 219.5. “I’m so happy,” Ludwig said afterwards. “This is a world class horse, and I wanted so much to win this class, as it was the first CRI where they awarded Kay Wienrich’s new CRI Bronze Trophy. It is the most beautiful trophy in Reining at the moment.”

Sharp Dressed Shiner might be a great horse for the FEI European Championships. The beautiful palomino is by Shining Spark out of Smartly Dressed, and has earned more than $17,000 NRHA LTE so far. Altogether, Ludwig had three fine horses in this CRI placing fifth with Shine My Gun, owned by Stephanie Madaus, and twelfth  with Ruf Footwork owned by Dr. Paul Van Hooft.

For  Lechner it was a fine start into the season as well as he was one of the youngest riders of this division. 23-year-old Lechner started his reining career as a youth exhibitor (he was part of the Austrian team for the FEI EC Young Riders in 2011). Two years ago, he was Austrian RHA Futurity Champion Level 1 – aboard his now 10-year-old AQHA stallion Cody Rooster Delmaso (Ricochet Rooster x Made Of Lacy)

All Results CRI*** Seniors



Ludwig, Grischa SHARP DRESSED SHINER Performance Horses LLC, La Mesa


600,00 €



Lechner, Klaus CODY ROOSTER DELMASO Gaupmann, Julia


500,00 €



Klein, Verena OLENA JOE CODY Klein, Verena


320,00 €



Schmitt, Volker HICKORY VINTAGE Klucsarits, Claudia


240,00 €



Ludwig, Grischa SHINE MY GUN Madaus, Stephanie


200,00 €



Stein, Oliver TIMBERS WHIZZER Wilting, Norbert


140,00 €



Dörr, Mona THE SHIZ NIC Scholtes, Yves


0,00 €



Rohde, Stephan SMARTY DIAMOND Völkel, Katharina


0,00 €



Lechner, Klaus KH HES A SMART JAC Lechner, Franz


0,00 €



Dörr, Mona SNIPS MASTERMIND Bellemann, Clemens u. Cora


0,00 €



Lisec, Anna WHIZABLE Lisec, Sabine


0,00 €



Schmitt, Volker SMOKIN MIFILLENA Lubas, Sonja


0,00 €



Ludwig, Grischa RUF FOOTWORK van Hooft, Paul


0,00 €



Breug, Steffen QUOTACROME Zinsli, Christian-Peter


0,00 €



Lisec, Anna GOLDEN JAC THE BOSS Klipfel Chuck, Lisec Sabine &


0,00 €



Klein, Verena THE LADYS REVOLUTION Beckman, Simone


0,00 €



Stein, Oliver LIL WANDA Stein, Silke


0,00 €



Tardrup, Charlotte MAGNUM LICORICE CHIC Tardrup, Charlotte


0,00 €


Fabienne Krämer dominates  CRI *** Young Riders
The winner in the Young Riders Category was Fabienne Kramer and her Dual Tuck Tari who scored a 215 in a field of five riders. Jennifer Luhmer and Peppys Lil Dreamer placed second scoring a 210.5 with Nicole Hubner and Hollywood Step following on third place (207).

It was a great start into the 2015 season for 21-year-old Fabienne Kramer, for whom it is her last year as a Young Rider- Fabienne is a multiple German Champion and Reserve Champion and claimed two gold medals at the AQHA Youth World Cup.

All Results Young Riders



Krämer, Fabienne DUAL TUCK TARI Krämer, Fabienne




Luhmer, Jennifer PEPPYS LIL DREAMER Luhmer, Jennifer




Hübner, Nicole HOLLYWOOD STEP Linden, Diana




Zschau, Franziska POCO RUF PEPPY Chanay Sky Management SA,




Beenhakker, Jody OAKLYNN BANJO Beenhakker, Jody


Lena-Marie Maas wins CRI*** Juniors
In the CRI*** Junior Category, the winner was Lena-Maria Maas who scored a 218 aboard her MR Stun Gun. Gina Maria and Sparkin Tinsel placed second scoring a 215.5. Altogether, there were eleven entries from Germany in this class.

All results Junior Riders



Maas, Lena-Marie MR STUN GUN Maas, Kathrin




Maria, Gina SPARKIN TINSEL Schumacher, Corinna




Wagner, Shawn HOLLYS ELECTRICSPARK Wagner, Christian + Rosie




Behringer, Jakob RASCAL SENSATION Behringer, Jakob




Kalk, Daniel SHEZA CUSTOM CROME Kalk, Hartmut




Kuttenreich, Lena DESDEMONA Kuttenreich, Werner und Lydia




Stuiber, Celina KALIZ GOLDEN RUGGED Stuiber-Kranzinger, Christine




Engel, Vanessa BIG TIME BUSINESS Engel, Thomas




Engel, Franziska KD WHIZOFFTHEFUTURE Engel, Thomas




Heil, Johannes FR GUNNER B SISI Heil, Karl




Mühr, Winifred PLR SILVER JAC Mühr, Astrid



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APHA adds $40,000 to the Reining at the Paint World Show

For Immediate Release

APHA investing big bucks in the Paint World Show

Provided by APHA Performance, April 2, 2015 - Nearly $80,000 has been added to reining, cutting and working cow horse classes at the 2015 APHA World Championship Show. When added to the existing $50,000 Farnam Pleasure Stakes payouts and more than $500,000 in additional cash and prizes, there are more reasons than ever to saddle up for the world’s premier Paint Horse show.

Taking place November 4–14 at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas, the APHA World Show features the largest single gathering of Paint Horses competing in more than 275 classes during the 10-day show. The additional $77,000 in added money represents an investment by the association to help magnetize reining, cutting and cow horse exhibitors to the show, segments of the industry that represent areas of potential growth for APHA.

“We want to do for the cattle and reining events what our Farnam stakes program has done for young pleasure horses and our Breeders’ Futurity program has accomplished for the halter industry,” APHA Executive Director Billy Smith said.

Following is a breakdown of the added money for these events:


  • $15,000 4-, 5- & 6-Year-Old Reining Challenge*
  • $15,000 Non-Pro 4-, 5- & 6-Year-Old Reining Challenge*
  • $5,000 3-Year-Old Reining Challenge
  • $5,000 Non-Pro 3-Year-Old Reining Challenge*

Working Cow Horse—$18,000

  • $7,500 4- & 5-Year-Old Working Cow Horse Challenge*
  • $7,500 Non-Pro 4- & 5-Year-Old Working Cow Horse Challenge*
  • $3,000 Non-Pro Limited Working Cow Horse Challenge*


  • $3,500 Non-Pro Cutting Challenge, All Ages*
  • $3,500 3-Year-Old Cutting Challenge
  • $3,500 4-Year-Old Cutting Challenge
  • $3,500 5- & 6-Year-Old Cutting Challenge


  • $1,500 NCHA Open Cutting **
  • $1,500 NCHA Non-Pro Cutting **
  • $1,000 NCHA Amateur Cutting **
  • $1,000 NCHA $2,000-Limit Rider Cutting **

* New for 2015
** New NCHA-approved all age, all breed class

All Challenge classes as noted above are open to Regular Registry Paints only; the NCHA-approved classes, however, are all age, all breed classes that take place in conjunction with the APHA World Show.

Qualification for the APHA World Show is based solely on participation at events during a designated period—for 2015, that’s August 1, 2014–July 31, 2015. Requirements vary based on the horse’s age and events in which they’ll compete, so visit for details. Select NRHA, NRCHA, NCHA and ACHA events are approved for qualification for the 2015 APHA World Show—details are on

Is your horse eligible for APHA registration, but the paperwork hasn’t been completed? It’s not too late to register your Paint and take advantage of these great opportunities. Registering your Regular Registry, Solid Paint-Bred or cropout Paint Horse is easy—visit or click on the links above for more information or contact our MemberCare Team at (817) 222-6423 to learn more.

The APHA World Show features several other added-money opportunities, along with more than 180 world championship titles. They include:

  • $50,000+ Farnam Pleasure Stakes—select added-money classes for 2-, 3- and 4-year-old Paints, made eligible by their participation in the Farnam Breeders’ Trust Select Sale. In 2014, these four Western pleasure and hunter under saddle classes paid out $65,000.
  • Breeders’ Futurity—a prestigious competition that showcases the offspring of Breeders’ Trust stallions and the mares bred to these stallions as they compete for approximately $156,000 in classes that span halter, Western pleasure, hunter under saddle, barrel racing, reining, longe line and in-hand trail.
  • Challenge & Sweepstakes Classes—added-money events that offer horses an opportunity to earn more than $100,000 in events that include Western pleasure, hunter under saddle, cutting, reining, ranch sorting, ranch riding and barrel racing.
  • USTRC Cowtown ShootOut—a U.S. Team Roping Championship-produced all-breed roping that takes place concurrently with the APHA World Show, in which APHA awards $5,000 in bonus payouts to riders aboard registered American Paint Horses.

National Snaffle Bit Association, Southern Belle Breeders’ program and speed-event jackpots also featured added money, taking place during designated classes on the schedule.

For more information about the APHA World Show, visit—the show schedule and forms are usually posted in late July—or call (817) 222-8455.

For more information, contact:
APHA Performance
(817) 222-8455

The National Reining Horse Association is not responsible for information contained in this press release.  Please contact the author or submitting organization for further information, requests or questions.

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Benefit Auction for John Hoyt, NRHA Hall of Fame Inductee

For Immediate Release

Breedings to ONE TIME PEPTO and GUNNATRASHYA Selling to Benefit John Hoyt, Legendary Performance Horse Trainer

Provided by Professional Horse Services, LLC, April 2, 2015 - Jeffrey and Sheri Matthews, of Matthews Cutting Horses, have donated breedings to One Time Pepto and Gunnatrashya for a benefit auction for Legendary Horseman and NRHA Hall of Fame Inductee, John Hoyt.  Jeff Oswood, of the Oswood Stallion Station in Weatherford, TX, has donated the chute fees, as well.

The online catalog is available now from Professional Horse Services, LLC.  Bidding will open on April 10 and close on April 15. To participate in the auction go to For more information on how the online auction works go to

ONE TIME PEPTO is the earner of $331,097, NCHA Super Stakes Open Champion; Augusta 5/6-Year-Old Open Classic Champion; Abilene Spectacular Open Classic Champion and more.  As a sire, ONE TIME PEPTO is the 2014 NRCHA #1 Leading Sire and 2014 #5 Leading NCHA Sire, siring the earners of more than $8,000,000, including NCHA Futurity Champion, ONE TIME ROYALTY and NRCHA Futurity Champion, TIME FOR THE DIAMOND, plus many more top money earners.

GUNNATRASHYA is the earner of $218,046: 2009 NRHA Open Futurity Champion; 2010 NRHA Open Derby Champion; 2009 Congress Open Futurity Champion and more.  GUNNATRASHYA’s oldest foals were 3-year-olds as of 2014 and they are certainly making themselves well known in the show pen. He is the sire of ARC GUNNABEABIGSTAR ($148,469, 2014 NRHA Open Futurity Co-Champion with Jordan Larson; Top 10 2014 Congress Open Reining Futurity with Jordan Larson), ARC GUNNA SPARKYA ($66,235: 4th, 2014 NRHA Open Futurity with Casey Deary) and numerous other Aged Event Finalists.

This is a SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY to get breedings to these great stallions in 2015.  The book is CLOSED for GUNNATRASHYA and only a few breedings are still available for ONE TIME PEPTO.

Mike and Stephanie Jennings of Professional Horse Services, LLC will handle the online auction of these breedings and other donated items. All of the proceeds will go to the John Hoyt Foundation Fund, including any portion of the Buyer’s Premium not used for buyer’s credit card charges.

Donations to the auction will be accepted until April 8. To donate items contact Katie Forest Schroeder by email at or cell 713-202-3951 or Shari Darnall at 940-727-8231 or email Donors can also contact Mike or Stephanie Jennings at 855-272-3905, email or use the donation entry form at

John Hoyt is a name known throughout the entire performance horse industry. He has influenced many of today’s top riders. Until 2003, John was still actively riding and teaching the professionals of the future. After a failed knee surgery, he was left with a medical condition called ‘dropped foot’, which resulted in nerve damage and consequently left him unable to ride.

Since then, his health has continually declined leaving him in an economic struggle. However, Hoyt still attends every major NRHA competition and is an active resource to many local and national riders. For those who know John, living in an active horse environment is a key aspect of his well-being. At this point, he has a good support system that allows him to live independently and continue to give back to the industry.

Because of John’s economic struggle, his housing situation is in significant need of our help. Pete and Tamra Kyle, of the Kyle Ranch, in Whitesboro, TX, have graciously donated the use of a lot already equipped with septic and electricity.

A GoFundMe account was set up for John that has raised more than $40,000 that will provide a modular home and furnishings that will properly accommodate John to help ease the stress and emotional strain that he faces daily. But we still need your help in funding proper living for John. To contribute go to

When the time comes, and John no longer needs this home, the proceeds from the sale of the home and assets will be donated to the John Hoyt Foundation. This fund will be perpetuated forward for fellow elderly horsemen and horsewoman in the industry.

Read more about John and his life stories:

The National Reining Horse Association is not responsible for information contained in this press release.  Please contact the author or submitting organization for further information, requests or questions.


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The April Digital Reiner is Ready!

Focusing on the foundation of your horse, you’ll find articles covering hoof balance and protective legwear in this issue.  Also catch up on the NRHA Non Pro World Champion results and the stories behind the World Champions and Reserve World Champions.


Other topics covered range from taking the leap from assistant trainer to going out on your own, medication policy overview and an inspiring story about a rider who got a late start in reining competition but is making the best of his time in the saddle.

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Gunner Achieves Another Milestone

The endearing Gunner (AQHA Colonels Smoking Gun, APHA Colonels Smokingun) has reached another milestone as he becomes only the third NRHA sire to achieve NRHA Seven Million Dollar Sire distinction.  Only Topsail Whiz and Wimpys Little Step have also achieved the much-sought-after honor.  Gunner was inducted into the NRHA Hall of Fame in 2003.  The 1993 stallion by Colonelfourfreckle and out of Katie Gun by John Gun was bred by Eric Storey, Henagar, Alabama.

A standout and fan favorite in the show pen, Gunner was the 1996 NRHA Futurity Reserve Champion with NRHA Hall of Famer Clint Haverty in the saddle.  The pair went on to earn the 1998 National Reiners Breeders Cup Reserve Champion title. With Bryant Pace at the reins, Gunner earned the 2001 USET Festival of Champions Reining championship in Gladstone, New Jersey.  Gunner was also the subject of a popular Breyer® Model Horse and, along with Bryant, is depicted on the NRHA Dale Wilkinson Lifetime Achievement Award, a pencil drawing that was done by artist Bryant Pace, Sr.  Gunners NRHA Lifetime Earnings total more than $173,700.

Gunner_head_2COMPRESSED by Tristan Dark

Tim and Colleen McQuay seem to have the Midas’ touch when it comes to the selection of breeding stallions.  McQuay/Easton’s Hollywood Dun It unquestionably positively impacted the reining horse breeding industry.  His offspring still make their mark in the show ring and mark the pedigrees of many of Reining’s most successful earners.  When it came time to choose Dun It’s replacement, their choice was the horse with the signature floppy ears and loud markings that made Gunner a stand-out among the sport’s most notable athletes.  Among Gunner’s highest money-earners are:

   Horse                                         Earnings                                        Owner

  • Tinker With Guns                 $344,117.65                      Silver Spurs Equine
  • Americasnextgunmodel       $289,486.17                      Arcese Quarter Horses
  • Gunners Tinseltown             $265,383.48                      David Silva, Sr.
  • Gunners Special Nite           $219,737.15                      Turnabout Farm Inc.
  • Gunnatrashya                      $218,046.65                      Arcese Quarter Horses


Gunner sired the earners of more than $7,010,000, despite the fact that he was euthanized in 2013 due to laminitis.  His presence will be felt in the sport of Reining as his progeny continue to be appreciated, admired and prolific in the production of outstanding reining horses. 

Incorporated in 1966, the National Reining Horse Association is the standard setting body for the sport of Reining. NRHA, with their International Headquarters in Oklahoma City, is responsible for promoting the sport of Reining and working to ensure the highest standards of competition. To learn more about the NRHA, its programs and family of corporate partners, visit


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NRHA Announces 2015 Internship Opportunities

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) announces internship opportunities at the 2015 Derby and the 2015 Futurity.

Oklahoma City, Okla., March 31, 2015 – The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) announces internship opportunities at the 2015 NRHA Derby in June and during the NRHA Futurity & Adequan® North American Affiliate Championship Show in November. Applicants are encouraged to apply before May 1, 2015 to be considered for these exciting opportunities in the reining horse industry.

Various internship opportunities are available with a range of areas including horse show production and management, Marketing, Youth programs and Business Development. Applicants must be willing to assist with all functions of the departments listed including early mornings and lengthy days, willing to work closely with youth members and leaders, be creative, energetic, patient, and demonstrate an interest in the livestock or horse industry.

Interns who are chosen to work during the NRHA Derby Show may be offered a summer internship based at the NRHA headquarters after the event. Determining factors will include budget, work ethic, reliability, and performance during the previously scheduled internship.

More information on this opportunity, including the application and contact information, can be found at

Incorporated in 1966, the National Reining Horse Association is the standard-setting body for the sport of Reining. NRHA, with their International Headquarters in Oklahoma City, is responsible for promoting the sport of Reining and working to ensure the highest standards of competition. To learn more about the NRHA, its programs and family of corporate partners, visit

Media Contact:
Todd Branson
Sr. Director of Marketing
National Reining Horse Association
(405) 946-7400

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