Behind the Slide – Logan Flaherty, Arizona

As the 9-year-old son of NRHA Professional’s Committee Chair Patrick Flaherty, Logan Flaherty has already decided the professional life isn’t for him. At least not as an equestrian. 

The Arizona native is an all-star on the football field and in the pool, but he’s looking for a job that will allow him to be a non pro rider when he grows up. If becoming a professional football player doesn’t pan out, Logan’s backup is to swim in the Olympics. 

“Backstroke is probably my favorite event, but I also really like the freestyle. I swim in the breaststroke and the butterfly, too.” 

Last year, Logan was the only 8-year-old in Arizona to attend state finals for swimming. He went home with six state titles to his name. 

Patrick said his only son usually attends practice for two sports, including reining, almost every day. It’s a tough schedule, but Logan wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Playing both quarterback and safety in football, Logan said he gets to run quite a bit. He doesn’t mind the exercise though; it helps prepare him for the mass amounts of tag played during horse shows across the country.

“During quarantine I’ve been riding four times a week. When I have all the other sports, I can only ride once or twice a week. I like riding with my dad. He’s pretty hard on me, but I think it helps me get better.” 

During the 2020 NRHA Derby presented by Markel, and the first part of the show season, Logan has been astride SS Spyderman. Logan describes the 12-year-old gelding as quiet and laidback. It’s the perfect combination for Logan who enjoys hitting the ice cream stand on his way back from the practice pen. 

Paired together for only the last six months, Logan is excited to show Spyderman for the second time this year. Look for the duo in short stirrup classes Saturday and Sunday.