Behind the Slide – Michael Woods, OKC

Perhaps one of the most important people at Oklahoma State Fair Park, Michael is easily recognized by his Oklahoma State cap and ghostbuster’s style backpack. Hailing from Oklahoma City, Michael was looking for a job when he was called up by the fairgrounds.

“I thought I would be shoveling stuff, but come to find out I’m spraying disinfectant for COVID. My job comes first, but I’ve been watching the horses a little bit. I’ve seen a lot of nice horses here.” 

Coming from a rodeo background of sorts, Michael didn’t know what he was in for when they told him he would be working at the reining horse futurity. 

“I’m having a good time. I don’t really understand the horse show just yet. I’ve mostly been to rodeos but I’ve never seen anything like this.” 

In his first few 8-hour days, Michael has walked almost ten miles a day for his disinfecting work. He was instructed to spray everywhere that people will be congregating around and placing their hands on. That’s quite a few touchpoints to hit for one person in a day.

“I make a round about every hour and I spray the doors, bathrooms, railings, all the places people put their hands. It usually takes 45 minutes to do the barn. I never knew this barn was so big.” 

If you see Michael walking around, make sure you tell him hello while he’s helping keep everyone healthy and safe!