Behind the Slide – Joy Deary, Texas

If you walk into the Super Barn, you might be greeted by firecracker Joy Deary. She’s the daughter of NRHA Million Dollar Rider Casey Deary, and after watching her ride, it’s clear horsemanship is genetic. 

This 8-year-old is fearless on a horse, both in the saddle and out. She’s been known to ride and slide bareback more often than not. 

In 2020 Joy was determined to become a better rider. That prompted her to tell her mom, Nicole, that she was going to ride bareback a lot to accomplish her goal. 

“My dad taught me how to ride. I ride every day, and when I’m not riding, I like to give my horse a bath and love on him.” 

The horse Joy is referring to is 19-year-old No Blu Aqui, aka “Spanky.” Don’t let his age fool you, though, he’s the fastest horse on the Dearys’ ranch, according to Joy. 

“I jump, barrel race, cut, and rein on Spanky.” 

He isn’t just an old ranch horse—Spanky has a storied past. The late Amy Bell reined Spanky to greatness in the NRCHA for several years. Upon Amy’s passing in 2019, she left Spanky with a close family friend. 

That family friend just so happens to be the Dearys’ veterinarian. Joy’s dedication to improving her horsemanship moved this friend to change Spanky’s ownership status. Joy became the proud owner of this gelding only a few months ago.

Joy also has another mount that requires her attention. 

“I have to ride my pony, Snowball, too. She’s very aggressive. Spanky isn’t aggressive; he’s just fast. We named my pony Snowball because she is fat and white.” 

Look for Joy and Spanky in action today and tomorrow in the short stirrup classes in the Adquan® Arena during the 2020 NRHA Derby presented by Markel.