Behind the Slide – Mike Seay

Mike Seay, Texas

Some might know Mike from his days in the show pen, others are most familiar with his messages of hope come Sunday morning. This west Texas pastor is the owner of Turn Around Ministry and has been setting up a booth at the NRHA Derby presented by Markel for ten years now.

Fifteen years ago, Mike purchased a reiner and experienced a physical turn around for the first time at full speed. 

“We bought a low level reiner and started going to weekend shows. We had only been to a couple when our trainer at the time suggested we start having a church service at the shows.”

Mike’s ministry has quickly blossomed from that lone suggestion. He was invited to say the opening prayer at the NRHA Futurity almost 12 years ago. And it continued to grow from there.

“We had our first church service here at the Derby about ten years ago in the sale barn. We’ve done it every year since then.” 

Still an avid horseman, Mike ministers at other equine events throughout Texas and Oklahoma. As a past competitor, Mike feels at home when he’s in the world of reining. 

“It’s easier to minister when I’m not competing, but I feel like I’m missing something when I’m not out there in the warm-up pens. We made a lot of connections and friends out there. This is family; skcm I grew up in the horse business.” 

As a toddler, Mike unknowingly got an early start in reining when he attended the first NRHA Futurity held in Columbus, Ohio. 

“Horses have been part of my life since I was born. I think I started showing when I was 6. Over the years, I’ve probably ridden every Western discipline you can think of.”

Many identify with the name Turn Around Ministry simply because it references a reining maneuver. Though that wasn’t Mike’s intention when he named the nonprofit, it’s clear his steps were divinely guided.

“The phrase turn around in Hebrew means to repent; to turn from sin toward Christ.” 

While in Oklahoma City, Mike intends to spread God’s word and positivity through a virtual Church service held on Sunday, June 14 at 5 p.m. CDT. The service is available in the Coliseum livestream here. Mike has a booth set up on the east side of the Jim Norick Arena Concourse if you’d would like to visit or pray with him. 

“I know it’s been a tough time for folks, I know they’ve been stressed, and they’ve been worried. In John 16:33, Jesus said ‘In this world you’ll have tribulation. But never fear, I have overcome the world.’ We just want to help folks get through this, to encourage them and let them know that God loves them. And no matter what, bright days are ahead.”  

For more information about Turn Around Ministry, visit their website.

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